UK Suppliers of Live Fertilised Hatching Eggs by County

Hatching Eggs
Eggs in an incubator just starting to hatch out.

  • Duck Hatching Eggs
  • Chicken Hatching Eggs
  • Quail Hatching Eggs
  • Geese Hatching Eggs
  • Turkey Hatching Eggs

One way of increasing your flock is to buy in fertilised hatching eggs, You'll need an incubator or a broody hen.

Don't forget a broody hen will happily hatch eggs from other species, although with ducks she might panic a bit when her chicks go for their first swim!

We've got 357 suppliers of fertilised hatching eggs listed. Don't forget that half the eggs will hatch cockerels. You need to consider what you will do with them.

Just follow the county links below to find nearby egg suppliers.

NB, if a county isn't listed it's because we don't have any suppliers listed there.

If you come across a breeder not listed, please encourage them to list for free here: Breeder List

Live Poultry Hatching Eggs Suppliers in Scotland

Hatching Egg Suppliers No Listed
Aberdeenshire 1
Angus 2
Argyllshire 1
Ayrshire 2
Berwickshire 1
Dumfriesshire 1
Fife 2
Lanarkshire 4
Morayshire 1
Renfrewshire 3
Ross-shire 2
Roxburghshire 1
Stirlingshire 3
West Lothian 1
Wigtownshire 1

Live Poultry Hatching Eggs Suppliers in Wales

Hatching Egg Suppliers No Listed
Cardiganshire 7
Carmarthenshire 7
Denbighshire 1
Flintshire 2
Glamorgan 6
Gwynedd 6
Monmouthshire 4
Pembrokeshire 2
Powys 4

Live Poultry Hatching Eggs Suppliers in N Ireland

Hatching Egg Suppliers No Listed
Antrim 1
Armagh 4
Down 5
Fermanagh 1
Tyrone 1



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