Suppliers of Live Fertilised Poultry Hatching Eggs for Sale in Gwynedd

We have 6 hatching egg suppliers listed in Gwynedd

Bodarfryn Poultry

Please call or email in advance to avoid disappointment

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Dofednod Dyffryn Conwy/Conwy Valley Poultry

We supply quality P.O.L.pullets all year round.We also sell hatching eggs and day old chicks when available.

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Lucy Cousins

Small scale breeder of call ducks (mainly white)
Hatching eggs, ducklings available in season. Young stock and adults often available. Price depends on quality of bird. Older birds tend to be in bonded groups.
Hatching also undertaken for most types of poultry.

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Marans Club

The Marans, French: Poule de Marans, is a breed of chicken from the port town of Marans, in the départment of Charente-Maritime, in the Poitou-Charentes region of western France. It was created with the local feral chickens descended from fighting game chickens carried from Indonesia and India. Those original Marandaise fowl were "improved" for the table through recombination with imported Croad Langshans. A favourite at poultry shows, it is a dual purpose fowl known both for its extremely dark eggs and fine meat qualities.


There are 9 recognized colours in the French Standard: Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, Black, Birchen, Black Copper, Wheaten, Black-tailed Buff, White and Columbian. Black Copper (black with copper feathers on the neck) and Cuckoo (barred feathers, giving a black and white speckled appearance) are the most common of these. Other colours not officially recognized (such as Blue Copper, Blue, and Splash) also exist.

They should have orange eyes. The shanks are usually slate or pink, the soles of the feet should always be white as Marans have white skin, not yellow. Though the original Marans could also be feather legged birds, British breeders preferred the clean legged version, and thus feathered legged Marans are now mainly found in France.


Marans are generally quiet and docile; but they are quite active, taking well to free ranging in rough terrain and are also tough and disease-resistant.

Marans lay around 150 dark brown eggs each year. Marans are historically a dual-purpose bird, prized not only for their dark eggs but for their table qualities as well.

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Furry Friends

Point of lay chickens available. Please contact for further information.

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Graig Poultry ( formerly Graig Pure Breeds)

We breed L/F orpingtons in the following colours: blue, splash, black, gold laced, lavender, lemon cuckoo, white, white frizzle, cuckoo and jubilee. We have bantam chocolate wyandottes. We also supply POL hybrids and Embden geese and goslings. Hatching eggs

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Live Fertilised Poultry Hatching Eggs Suppliers Listed in this Region

Hatched Chicks and Egg Shells
Live Egg Suppliers No Listed
Cardiganshire 7
Carmarthenshire 7
Denbighshire 1
Flintshire 2
Glamorgan 6
Gwynedd 6
Monmouthshire 4
Pembrokeshire 2
Powys 4

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