Suppliers of Live Fertilised Poultry Hatching Eggs for Sale in Buckinghamshire

We have 3 hatching egg suppliers listed in Buckinghamshire

Great Missenden Organic chickens and geese

6 weeks old chick for sale £15 each (mix / cross heritage breed:Orpington, Brahma, legbar, Cheshire blue

Empden Geese for sale 2-3yo £75 per bird

They all come from our own birds, either hatched in our incubator or hatch by our own broody hens. They are from heritage breed and will be a mix of Orpington, Brahma, Cheshire blue or cream legbar, therefore some might lay brown, blue or green eggs.

When you get your chick from us we will give you a care sheet- to explain how to care for your chickens organically and with herbal remedies to help them if they fall ill.

I’ll also be available for any question you might have and give you ongoing support to raise your birds.

Our chickens and geese are raised on green grass, they are moved every 2 weeks to have constant supply of fresh grass and insect, they’re supplemented with organic poultry feed and lots of medicinal herbs that they can self select. they can choose to drink from apple cider water bucket, or green clay water, and have different choices of mineral or salt blocks. They are also allowed to go broody and raise their own chicks whenever they need. This is a lot more costly and time consuming than farmed chickens but that means the birds are happy and laying incredible quality eggs.

The main reason I decided to start selling our own chicks this year after having chickens for over 8 years is not really to become a chicken breeder, but rather to encourage as many people locally to rear their own chicken ethically, for the well being of the birds and your own health. It’s actually really hard to find breeder that follow organic standards and even when they do they will have to minimise cost and maximise profit and that will be at cost of the chicken welfare, meaning stress - inflammation and that’s going straight in the supermarket eggs and that inflammation is then passed onto whoever is eating those eggs. (I’m simplifying the story a little bit here).

I’m hoping to see more people rear chickens locally and sell their excess eggs to other locals and give the opportunity to those who can’t raise them themselves to have access to healthy eggs from healthy birds

So just to give a an example of poor welfare for these farmed birds - we see the same supply of eggs in winter even though chickens should almost completely stop laying for a few month as there is less light, so less time to graze and regenerate so their body naturally go into a resting period for a few months. Most farmed chickens are put under artificial light to force them to continuously lay and they will deplete themselves a lot faster this way. They are not allowed to sit on their eggs to hatch chicks, they usually are not with cockerels in their enclosure, and often commercial birds have lost any instinct to go broody. In our flock about 1/3 to half the flock will go broody each year which to us means they’re happy and in trust to raise their chicks.
I could go on and on but I will stop here but happy to carry on if you want to ask me directly more questions 🙏🙏🙏

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Brill Chickens

From fertile eggs to Hybrids and cockerels give me a ring or drop me an email to discuss what you are looking for and check what stock I have available.

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Horton Hatchery

Here at the Horton Hatchery we sell hatching eggs, point of lay pullets and everything in between.
We sell chickens, ducks, geese and quail.

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Live Fertilised Poultry Hatching Eggs Suppliers Listed in this Region

Hatched Chicks and Egg Shells
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Bedfordshire 3
Buckinghamshire 3
Hampshire 5
Isle of Wight 1
Kent 9
Oxfordshire 1
Surrey 3
Sussex 10

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