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We have 17 hatching egg suppliers listed in Somerset

R&S Smallholding Somerset

White leghorn X Copper Maran, Blue Egglayer £1.50 Each, Olive Egglayer, Cuckoo Maran, Light Sussex £2.00 Each, Exchequer Leghorn, White Silkie (Bantam), Silver Lace Wyandotte, Lavender Araucana , Copper Black Maran, Cuckoo Maran (Pink bloom egg), Silver Campine, Ayam Cemani, Cayuga (Duck), Toulouse X Emben (Geese),
Toulouse (Geese)

All our birds are free range and love naturally foraging and playing in the grass. We hatch our own chicken throughout the year and always make sure fertility rates are good before selling hatching eggs of our breeds. We will not sell eggs if we are not happy with the fertile rate! Each breed is checked each season and throughout!

We are on Facebook and Instagram so you can see what the Smallholding is up too and all our birds & other animals.

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Guinea Fowl Somerset

Hatching eggs, chicks and grown birds usually available.
From our small flock of Pearl, Pied and Lavender birds.

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Cox's Birdhouse

Small hobby breeders of quail. At the moment we have mainly Cortunix Italian Quail. Eggs are incubated regularly so please call or email to see what is available and timescales. Feel free to leave a message if we are unavailable to answer, thank you.

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Jon King

We supply hatching eggs, Pullets and pure Bred Cockerels. We have 24 different pens of Pure breeds.
We also supply Brown and coloured Hybrid Pol pullets.
We also supply Quail and quail hatching eggs.

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Helens Pekins

I am a small hobby breeder of pekin bantams colours include:
Bobtail, Lemon, Porcelain, Silver Partridge, Millefleur and Columbian.
I can supply hatching eggs or birds from the age of 8 weeks upwards.

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Yatton Country Gifts

Smallholding, poultry for sale now and throughout the year.

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Stowey Farm Poultry

I have an 18 acre smallholding, I breed and sell Alpaca, Pygmy Goats and Poultry. All my animals are top quality and very well kept, in large areas. Poultry is a passion of mine. I am always striving to improve my quality by buying from champion stock, I have very rare pure colour. I sell quality birds at sensible prices, but also keep and sell birds at collector/Breeder prices and sell to well known animal parks. I sell fertile eggs, day old chicks, pullets and POL. I sell feeds, hay, straw and coops made to order. Find me on Facebook Stowey farm or call for a visit by appointment. If I don't answer please leave a message as I tend to drop my phone in chicken pooh on a regular basis.

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G&M Poultry of Somerset

As a breeder of rare Breeds all birds and eggs should be collected.

All poultry breeds can be seen by appointment only.

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Blackdown Poultry

We raise our hens to the best possible standards They are all wormed and enjoy a free range environment. We also sell hatching eggs and Day old chicks though to point of lay

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JC Chickens

We are a family run business with years of experience offering a warm and friendly service.
Feel free to get in touch or pop in for a look around.

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Manor Farm Chickens

Here at Manor Farm, Ilminster, Somerset we hatch chicks and ducklings from our own breeding stock every week. All year round we have hatching eggs, day old chicks through to point of lay pullets for sale.

Visitors are always welcome, and we are more than happy to show individuals/families/children the whole process from our breeding stock through to our hatchery, to the point of lay birds out in the fields. Just give us a call or text and we'll put the kettle on...

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Moorland Poultry

We are a small family run enterprise specialising in pure bred poultry. We often have hatching eggs and growers for sale.

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Orchard Poultry

Supplier & Breeder of Ornamental & Rare Breed Poultry, Waterfowl, & Guinea Fowl.

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Bristol and North Somerset Chickens and Eggs

We keep chickens, ducks and quail as a hobby and we can supply Welsummer hatching eggs, day olds pullets, point of lay etc.

We also have Pekins and can supply hathing eggs, day olds chicks, pullets and point of lay.

We also keep a few quail and Khak

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Merchants Chickens

Show quality Barnevelder. Will be showing the croads this year.

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Wellington Meadows Country Produce (Ref 36 )

Hatching Eggs and Livestock. Christmas Oven Ready Birds to Order.

By Appointment Only.

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We are a small hobby breeder who became addicted to chickens very quickly, and now have more eggs/chicks than we can cope with ourselves.
Alternate phone no: Chris 07955055890

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