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Everlong Farm

We have an excellent regular supply of Coturnix Quail looking for new homes
We can deliver countrywide using our specially adapted quail crates so please ask for details.
Please contact us for delivery information

Quail and their eggs are becoming increasing popular, and having bred our own birds and selling their eggs online for many years, the egg business is certainly one worth looking into. We hatch hundreds of birds a month to keep up with the demand.

Quail eggs are an excellent alternative to duck and chicken eggs for those with allergies and also those with dogs on a raw food diet.

We have Japanese and Italian available now. Beautiful birds.

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C Poultry

We are hobby breeders of a wide range of poultry. We pride ourselves in healthy and fit birds and supplying top quality birds. I also have other breeds come in and out of stock so please contact me regarding what’s available.

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Hill Farm Poultry

I keep all the breeds stated plus other stock. Mainly sell hatching eggs but have day old's and point of lay sometimes available. Please contact for further information.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Hill Farm Poultry

Goose Green Poultry

I'm 15 and absolutely love keeping all the different breeds and especially love making new colours of a breed! Started off a couple of years back and have loved it ever since!

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Twelve Acre Farm

Day-olds from £1.50. Growers off-heat from £5. Adults from £15.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Twelve Acre Farm

TM Poultry

Please email to check stock, especially in autumn winter.

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We are a small family run business and we stock a variety of breeds, please contact by telephone for details.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Thearkroughton

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