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Poultry Breeder / Supplier in Norfolk ref: 9591

I'm 15 and absolutely love keeping all the different breeds and especially love making new colours of a breed! Started off a couple of years back and have loved it ever since!

Breeds: Sussex: Speckled, Light, Red, Buff, Buff Coronation, Coronation, Silver. LF brahma: Blue, Blue partridge, Blue, Black, Buff Columbian, Blue Buff Columbian, Lemon Pyle, Red Pyle, Dark, Silver blue/OSB, Cuckoo, Mottled, White, Splash, Gold Partridge, Light, Blue Light Columbian, Lots of other colour projects. Bantam Brahma: Blue light Columbian, buff Columbian, light, blue buff Columbian, White, Lemon Pyle, Gold. Lf Cochin, 6 Colours, Pekins: 12 Colours+, Sussex Bantams: 4 Colours, Belgium Bantams:3 colours (D'anver) Orloff: spangled, Mahogany. Rhode Island Red: Rosecomb and single comb LF and Bantam. Orpington LF: 7 Colours, Bantam 5 colours. Faverolles LF: 5 colours, Bantam Salmon, Sultan, Poland, Auracana, Sablepoot 4 colours, Silkies Various colours, Maran, Vorwerk, Ayam Cemani, Various Rare breeds, Norfolk Grey, Ducks: Call: 7 colours, Runner: 4 colours, Khaki Campbell, Silver appleyards, Mandrin, Guinea Fowl: Pied, White, Pearl Pied, Geese: Toulouse.

We Supply:

  • Live Hatching Eggs
  • Day Old Chicks
  • Point of Lay Pullets
  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Guinea Fowl
  • Turkeys
  • Bantams

Contact Information:

Ben Allen
Foundry Corner
NR17 1NH
Tel: 07710472395

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