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We have 6 duck suppliers listed in Essex

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Dee's Ducks

Small backyard breeder with just 1-2 clutches per year of hand reared naturally hatched call ducks, miniature appleyards alongside call x miniature cross!

Our ducks are first and foremost our much loved pets so you can be sure all birds are healthy and from a loving home :-)!

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Nightingale Community Academy

City farm based within an Academy for boys - we breed and produce rare breed poultry and livestock for show and sale. We pride ourselves im producing top quality stock raised in an experienced well managed facilty.

Please contact us with any questions

Joshua Farrell- Farm Manager

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Broomfield Poultry

We are a family run farm and we make sure that all our chickens are well looked after and healthy.

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Our Garden Hens

We are a small backyard keeper of various breeds of poultry.

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Alison Ebsworth

Yearly supply of Muscovy Ducks. Mothers are chocolate/white Black/white.

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Barling Poultry

Barling Poultry is a small family-run Free Range Poultry Smallholding in Essex, keen to promote the keeping of free range hens at the expense of battery farms.

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Breeders & Suppliers of Ducks for Sale Listed in this Region

Duck and ducklings
Duck Suppliers No Listed
Cambridgeshire 6
Essex 6
Hertfordshire 1
Norfolk 8
Suffolk 7

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