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We have 14 bantam suppliers listed in Kent

Court Farm Chickens

We are a family owned business opening in 2019, we are based in the small rural village of Rodmersham just outside of Sittingbourne in Kent and specialise in providing the finest quality and range of poultry for the pet trade in Kent and surounding areas. 

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Priscilla Middleton

All birds outdoor reared, this year's youngster, must cut down! Please contact for further information.

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Silkies Kent

I am a hobby breeder of Silkie chickens and have a large selection of colours including chocolate cuckoos and blue splashes all birds are from show quality stock. Visits welcomed

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Chilham Bantams

I breed mainly pure and rare breed bantams and sometimes have adults, chicks and hatching eggs available. Please check to see what is available at the time or enquire to see what may be available in the future.

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Milo and the chickens

Pekins are ideal if you are looking to keep a few back garden chickens. Our very pretty assorted colours include gorgeous rare frizzled Pekins and stunning flat feathered Pekins in a huge variety of colours. Due to their lovely nature and bantam size they are easy to handle and make wonderful garden pets. For all details and information on availability, prices and lots of photos please see our website.

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Noddy's Pure Breeds

We are a small hobby breeder, based in the quiet village of Tatsfield on the Surrey Kent border, just 10 minutes from junction 5 and 6 of the M25 and 20 minute drive from Bromley and Croydon.

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Mumbles Chickens

We also sell ducks, geese, rheas. Please just ring or email. We also make small chicken sheds and arks - all hand made to last.

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AnimalShacks Chickens & Coops

At AnimalShacks Chickens & Coops we sell a comprehensive range of POL (point of lay) hybrid hens. Our ethos is to make certain that they have the best start in life and, we believe, that being raised in a friendly-family environment by people who genuinely care for their welfare, will enable us to provide our customers with healthy, happy hens!

Our other product and services include hand-made quality coops and pens, panels, feed, oyster-shell mixed grit, bedding, diatomaceous earth, mixed corn and other chicken related sundries. We also provide board and lodge in our Holiday Hen Suites for when you're away.

AnimalShacks Chickens & Coops can be found at Ashford Market the first Sunday in each month for chicken feed and sundries, along with advice and information. Our interactive site at is the perfect place to ask advice, post stories and questions and find useful information, our group is growing and we feel that everyone contributes in their way...we thoroughly enjoy it.

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Woodlands Chickens Kent

All of our chickens are kept in lovely surrounding on grass.

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

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Kent Poultry

I am a hobby breeder that breeds these wonderful birds on a small scale.

Large fowl Wyandottes (laced and pencilled) and bantam Silkies (mixed colours) for sale from hatching egg to point of lay.

For more information go to

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Quail in Swale

I am primarily a breeder of quail and bantams but I occasionally have stock of ducks and large fowl. I can give advice on keeping poultry and also advise on local suppliers of housing and feed.

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Barnview Bantams and Chickens

Breeders of pure breeds of poultry and ducks including pekin and sablepoot bantams,hatching eggs,day old chicks. Now have the Bielfelder rare breed available for sale. Viewing by appointment at Maidstone, enquiries welcome. Suppliers all year round of fully vaccinated point of lay hybrid hens

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M Ingram

Pekin chicks and hens in a variety of colours for sale. All chicks are reared under broody hens in a free range setting. Cockerels are also available.

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Hen House Poultry

Hybrid layers available all year round and the rest are available in season. We also supply hatching eggs, housing and accessories.

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