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Bantams & Full Size Hens Compared

Includes Silver Sebright, Golden Sebright and Japanese taken from the 1899 edition of The Practical Poultry Keeper, orginally published in 1867.

Keeping bantam hens at home is very popular. They are a little easier than full sized hens although they do produce smaller eggs.

You can keep a few bantams perfectly well even in a really small back garden and enjoy some eggs into the bargain.

We've got 232 bantam breeders and suppliers listed.

Just follow the county links below to find nearby suppliers.

NB, if a county isn't listed it's because we don't have any suppliers listed there.

If you come across a breeder not listed, please encourage them to list for free here: Breeder List

Bantam Breeders & Suppliers
in Scotland

Bantam Suppliers No Listed
Angus 1
Argyllshire 2
Ayrshire 1
Buteshire 1
Fife 2
Lanarkshire 2
Ross-shire 2
Roxburghshire 1
West Lothian 1

Bantam Breeders & Suppliers
in Wales

Bantam Suppliers No Listed
Cardiganshire 4
Carmarthenshire 4
Denbighshire 1
Glamorgan 1
Gwynedd 1
Monmouthshire 2
Pembrokeshire 1
Powys 2
Radnorshire 1

Bantam Breeders & Suppliers
in N Ireland

Bantam Suppliers No Listed
Armagh 2
Down 2


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