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We have 10 bantam suppliers listed in Hampshire

Blackwater Traditional Rare breeds

We have a large collection of Rare and Pure breeds of poultry.Small Supplies of hatching eggs, chicks, growers to pol available in season.
There are about 40 Breeds all together.
(Visits By Appointment Only Please)

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Chalk Hill Poultry

We specialise in rare and traditional poultry, hatching eggs, day old chicks and growers.

We also supply Turkeys and Geese.

We are open Mon -Sat 9am-5.30pm all year round.

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We specialise in rare chocolate orpington bantams, gold laced Orpington bantams, silver laced Orpington bantams. Pure chocolate cockerels, Pure chocolate hens, Black split chocolate cockerels, Black bantam hens. We hatch every week and our birds are sold

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Horndean Hens

Hatching eggs for sale, also birds from day old to point of lay for sale.

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Barn Farm

Educational Working Farm

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Hare Farm

On our Family Farm we are proud to have our animals outside on large areas of grass with fresh rain water for visitors to view. We sell Chickens, Free Range Eggs, Fertile Eggs, Feed and Supplies.

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Poultry Man

I am a small breeder of Pekin bantams and occasionally I have Silkies and Polish. I have a range of different coloured Pekins including Millifleur, Lavender, Gold Partridge and lots more with a variety of smooth and frizzle.

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Parkside Poultry

I am a Defra registered hobby breeder of beautiful healthy Pekins and Serama also having Coturnix Quail on site.

Pekins are available in Lavender, Porcelain, Millefleur, Khaki, Blue Black and Chocolate Mottled, Salmon, Wheaton, Buff and Gold and Silver Partridge and Birchen. Plus a few random cross colours just for fun. They are available in plain and frizzle feathering.

Serama are tiny birds no bigger than a wood pigeon, who can lay surprisingly big eggs for their size. They are available in many colours but none are recognised as they don't breed true. I keep mottled and solid coloured adults who give me chicks of every hue.

Coturnix quail are also available in Japanese and Italian colouring. Excellent daily layers of tasty eggs.

Situated just off of the M3 in Aldershot, I am easy to find and you will love what you see.

Visiting is by appointment only.

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Just Bantams

Just Bantams is a small family run bantam breeder who started keeping bantams a few years ago just for the eggs! Over time friends and family asked if I had any bantams to sell, so I bought myself an incubator and it has now turned into a bit more than a hobby. Alt Tel. no. 07759 540361

We can supply you with day old chicks to POL. We also sell fertile hatching eggs. We have pekins in a variety of colours with a mix of frizzle or smooth feathered.

All our bantams are very well looked after and much loved and have all been well handled by both adults and children making them a great addition to your family. Please contact us to see what we have available.

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Bella's Hens

We are a small family run hobbyist business in Basingstoke we sell various pure & rare breed chickens and shortly we will be selling hatching eggs.
Our main breed we have is Ayam Cemani we have I believe some of the best around coming from award winning parents & one of the best blood lines in the uk, we also have various laced Wyandottes,brahmas, Hamburgs, polands and Cream Legbars,
We also make bespoke solid wood coops to your own speck

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Polish Frizzle Bantam
Bantam Suppliers No Listed
Bedfordshire 3
Berkshire 4
Buckinghamshire 1
Hampshire 10
Isle of Wight 1
Kent 16
Oxfordshire 4
Surrey 9
Sussex 9

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