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We have 4 bantam suppliers listed in Monmouthshire

Sals Pure Breeds.

As a breeder, we specialise in a small selection of rare/pure breeds also pol hybrid pullets based on traditional breeds sometimes available
We can supply hatching eggs, chicks, growers to POL
Mobile phone no: 07771875558

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Ridgeway Poultry

Small family run business with over 20 years of breeding. We supply rare, traditional and pure bred poulty. We have Free Range breeding pens and can supply fertile hatching eggs up to and including point of lay pullets or breeding trios.

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We are a family farm that started as a hobby in 2004. We now have a large variety of all types of poultry in stock - Large and Bantam Chickens and Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Peafowl, Guinea Fowl etc. We cannot list them all above as the stock changes all the time.

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Super Silkies

We have been running Super Silkies since Oct 2018. Prior to that the business founder had been keeping chickens for many years. It started, like most people, with 2, which quickly grew to 4 and then 6. Throw in a broody hen that could not be satisfied and the addition of some hatching eggs... then later an incubator... and then, unlike most people, there were over 500 ducks, chicken and quail! We, equally as madly then decided to take it all on.

Now we mainly specialise in Silkie bantams but also stock pekins, pekin x frizzle bantams, Japanese Coturnix quail, and more recently a group of silkies x pekins x frizzles was started, which are producing some beautiful hybrid bantams which are truly stunning and very individual.

We would never profess to being "experts" at poultry keeping and are constantly learning, but have several years of experience to call upon and are happy to provide advice and support whenever we can.

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Breeders & Suppliers of Bantams for Sale Listed in this Region

Polish Frizzle Bantam
Bantam Suppliers No Listed
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Carmarthenshire 6
Denbighshire 2
Flintshire 2
Glamorgan 5
Gwynedd 4
Monmouthshire 4
Pembrokeshire 2
Powys 5
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