The Omlet Eglu Go Review & Eglu Go UP Reviewed

Eglu Go Chicken Coop

Eglu Go Up on Omlet Web Site

Following on from the very successful and iconic Eglu Classic, Omlet introduced the Eglu Go. It shares many of the features of the Eglu Classic but it is slightly smaller and lower in price.

Space & Capacity

They state that the coop will hold 2 to 4 medium sized hens in an area 0.59 M2 which is fairly tight, especially when you take into account that the nest box is included in the space. Personally I would say it’s ideal for 3 and pushing it a little at 4 hens – great for 4 bantams though.

Design & Construction

The Eglu Go is obviously related to the original Eglu but the boulder shape has been exchanged for a more utilitarian A-shaped style. This gives the interior more head height for larger birds across the floor space.

It’s a double walled construction which, like double glazing, insulates the coop. It does keep cool in summer and warm in winter which is great for your chicken’s comfort and health. In really cold winters you can obtain an insulation mat for the roof that sits between the skins for extra warmth.

Access for the hens is via a door at the front controlled by a handle at the top of the Eglu so you do not have to get inside the integral run – which is an optional extra.

Access to the nest box, or more accurately egg-laying area, is via a removable panel at the back. This does mean that you have to lean in all across the floor which may have droppings on. Not so brilliant for little ones as the Classic.

I did have some concerns about the nest box not actually being a full box as is traditional. I thought it would encourage sleeping in there and egg eating but owners don’t seem to find either a problem.

The main floor is comprised of moulded roosting bars which the birds seem to like.


Good draft-free ventilation is provided by moulded slits at the top on the front face and sides.

Lifespan – How Long Will an Eglu Last?

The Eglu is constructed from UV stabilised Polyethylene which means that, barring damage, the Eglu’s shell should last between 50 and 100 years! Polyethylene is used for piping drinking water where a long life is vital and storage tanks. Because other components, like the door handle, may fail I would think 20 years a fair estimate.

When it does reach the end of its life or usefulness, the Eglu is fully recyclable.

Eglu Go Cleaning

Easy Access for Cleaning


Any chicken keeper will agree ease of cleaning is very important and in this area the Eglu range is by far the best.

Under the roosting floor is a removable droppings tray which is always a help with keeping the coop fresh, especially in the summer. Better still, the whole coop easily comes apart giving access to everything. It can then be washed down or easier still, jet-washed.

Red Mite

Red mite are the nightmare problem all chicken keepers hit at some point. They hide in any tiny cracks or crevices and any survivors of a deep clean breed like crazy becoming a problem again very quickly.

With the Eglu you can easily wash it 100% clean – killing off all the mites. That’s a massive plus point.

The Run

The Eglu is designed to be used with a fox-proof run that is available in 2 and 3 metre lengths. Made from coated steel mesh with an anti-digging skirt and optional fixings for uneven lawns.

The Eglu Go UP

Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop

This is a variant on the Eglu Go reminiscent of the Foresham Ark in that the coop is raised off the ground on a frame giving a sheltered area under the coop within the high fox-proof run with a ladder for the birds to climb up and down from the coop.

In addition, and this is really smart, wheels can be fitted to the frame making it fairly easy for one person to move the coop and run across a lawn to even out wear.


The Eglu Go at around £235 and £360 with a 2M run is not a cheap coop although significantly less than the Classic. But considering the lifespan it does provide excellent value for money when compared with coops at a lower price that last but a couple of years.

For the back garden keeper of a few hens the Eglu Go has to be well worth considering. More information, videos etc. can be found on their web pages.

Eglu Go on Omlet Web Site

Eglu Go Up on Omlet Web Site

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