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We are a family run poultry farm.

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Pure Rhode Island Reds

I specialise in breeding pure breed Rhode Island Red and have normally a good amount chicks nearly all the time which are always for sale. I also keep Welsummers. Also have some ducks and geese which are mixed and could be sold for the right price.

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Four Seasons Poultry

I love hatching eggs, therefore I always have lots of stock for sale. These are quality pure breeds. If I haven't got what you are looking for I will be able to source it for you.

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Acorn Poultry

We have bred and supplied poultry for some years and use only top lines of unrelated stock. All poultry leaves here guarenteed to be healthy, our advice is free, so even beginners will heve great back-up in Poultry Keeping. We will advise you on the birds you need to meet your requirements, ie 'Egg Laying Machine' or friendly little 'Garden Bird'. For the Pro, or for the kids,,, not all birds suit all. Feeds, and Garden Runs available too. We have many happy customers who return time again over the years.

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Happy Hatchers

We are specialists in pure and rare breed poultry as well as offering incubator and hen hire services

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Wakefield Poultry

Point Of Lay, Pullets available All Year Round also Geese, Ducks, Turkeys, Cockerels & Quail

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