Breeders & Suppliers of Turkeys for Sale in Lincolnshire

We have 4 turkey suppliers listed in Lincolnshire

St Guthlacs Poultry

We are an APHA registered supplier of vaccinated hybrid hens, lots of breeds including Bluebells, light sussex, copper black, speckled & dark sussex

We are also breeders of pure breed poultry, including Brahma’s, Barnevelder, Campine, Pekins, Ixworth, Buff Orpington, Lincolnshire Buff, Crested cream leg bar & Olive eggers

We specialise in the following waterfowl;
Indian Runner, Muscovy & Pomeranian geese

And turkeys!

Hatching eggs available throughout the season!

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Fins Farm

Even before he could talk Fin would point and make excited noises at any piece of farm machinery that he saw. We could stand beside a field being harvested all day if he could have his own way. Forget da da or mummy I swear Fin`s first words were massey f

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Hobby breeder.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Cluckingmental

Poultry Mad

Visitors are welcome. Phone for appointment

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