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Country Fayre

We are a family run business based between Andover and Salisbury. Along with birds we supply a complete range of Poultry housing, health products, incubators and rearing equipment, vermin control, books and videos.

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Hare Farm

On our Family Farm we are proud to have our animals outside on large areas of grass with fresh rain water for visitors to view. We sell Chickens, Free Range Eggs, Fertile Eggs, Feed and Supplies.

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Parkside Poultry

I am a Defra registered hobby breeder of beautiful healthy Pekins and Serama also having Coturnix Quail on site.

Pekins are available in Lavender, Porcelain, Millefleur, Khaki, Blue Black and Chocolate Mottled, Salmon, Wheaton, Buff and Gold and Silver Partridge and Birchen. Plus a few random cross colours just for fun. They are available in plain and frizzle feathering.

Serama are tiny birds no bigger than a wood pigeon, who can lay surprisingly big eggs for their size. They are available in many colours but none are recognised as they don't breed true. I keep mottled and solid coloured adults who give me chicks of every hue.

Coturnix quail are also available in Japanese and Italian colouring. Excellent daily layers of tasty eggs.

Situated just off of the M3 in Aldershot, I am easy to find and you will love what you see.

Visiting is by appointment only.

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Gilbert's Poultry & Small Holding

Breeders of High quality and true to type poultry. Hatching eggs, chicks and point of lay hens available.

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