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Poultry Mad

Visitors are welcome. Phone for appointment

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Willow Cottage Chickens

At Willow Cottage Chickens, we are dedicated to keeping and rearing free range poultry. We are currently selling: hatching eggs, chicks, POL, bantams and large fowl.

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Outgate Poultry

We are a Smallholding in rural North Lincolnshire offering quality point of lay poultry. We are more than pleased to give any advice we can to the first time keepers.

We also stock a range of Farmgate poultry feeds.

Please call to confirm availabili

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A1 and Chicken Crazy

Have won three years in a row with my sultans. Have won many classes with my birds as well.

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Hobby breeder.

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JD Poultry

We breed quality orpingtons in many colours and dark brahmas, buff columbian brahmas, silverlaced & bluelaced wyandottes, all of our birds are large fowl and have come from good bloodlines

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Lincolnshire Pure Breed Poultry and Waterfowl

Breeding exhibition stock since 1998, achieving showing success at National level. Small numbers of mostly breeding stock available. Phone to check on stock availability and to arrange a visit.

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Fins Farm

Even before he could talk Fin would point and make excited noises at any piece of farm machinery that he saw. We could stand beside a field being harvested all day if he could have his own way. Forget da da or mummy I swear Fin`s first words were massey f

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Briggs Poultry

Fully Vaccinated Point Of Lay Hybrid Hens. 16 to 20 weeks old.

Birds are available from late March onwards. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.We also sell Poultry supplies, wormers, feeders, drinkers, vitamins etc.

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Grantham Goosey's

Starting with three geese, Goosey, Lucy and Bob,
to help keep the grass down,I have now started to breed them.

They are a gentle breed and don't thrive well in mixed flocks.

Unlike most other waterfowl, they do not need a pond, a bucket of fresh water every day will keep them happy.

They do not roam far from home, and will sound the alarm when a stranger arrives.

They enjoy company and do best in a trio, one male to two females.

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Incubation Experts

Quality Pure breed Poultry, Breeding Cockerels & Hatching eggs for sale now and pure breed chicks and young birds will be ready in May, pre-order yours today.

Come and choose your own chicks from May onwards.

We even supply you with FREE Chick information & Care sheet, FREE chick transport box with FREE Chick food and a FREE chick drinker so you can take your new pets home in comfort and style!
We do not sell any of birds for meat, we sell birds as pets only! Our Turkeys are quality show birds again for Garden pets only not for Christmas!

Collection from North Lincolnshire by appointment only please.

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I have 3 pure breeds all large fowl and some mixed breed birds. I only have a small number of birds as I only keep the birds as an interesting hobby. Please ring and leave a landline phone number.

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Chick'n'Egg Farm

We are a small family run business based on the edge of the Lincolnshire/Norfolk and Cambridge borders. Breeding rare breeds. We are dedicated to giving our chickens the best care and welfare possible. We are currently selling pure breed chicks and POL hens.

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Happy Hens

I am a hobby breeder who loves keeping and breeding chickens. I can supply hatching eggs, chicks, POL, hens and cockerels.
My birds are well-cared for, reared on grass and free-range.
Please contact me on my email or find me on Facebook Messenger Jill Sheffield
Please contact me with any queries, preferably by email.

I am in Lincs, but close to Notts, Leics, and Rutland
Fertile Eggs (tested) can be collected or posted as preferred.

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Paddock Farm Poultry

Please contact for availability and further information.

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Fernlea Poultry

Eggs for sale
Chicks available throughout the year from 1 day
Check availability

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Thomas Hanna

Hobby breeder

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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