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Longedge Poultry

Please phone or email for availability

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Red Dorking Chickens For Sale

We breed and sell Red Dorking chickens, the most ancient of English breeds (first recorded c.AD43). We sell fertile eggs, point-of-lay (POL) hens, stock cockerels and breeding trios.

Red Dorking chickens are a quiet and friendly rare breed that will make a fantastic addition to your family. They lay up to 200 large creamy white eggs per year. Red Dorking hens are very peaceful birds and ideally suited for gardens with close neighbours.

The Dorking is listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watchlist, meaning that they are endangered. Buying from us will help preserve this rare breed for future generations. Their friendly, calm and stately manner make the Red Dorking a great smallholder or backyard chicken breed.

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Creswell Poultry and Waterfowl

All of our birds are from excellent stock and are true to breed standards. Please contact for more information.

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Hill and Dale Rabbits and Poultry

Hobby breeders of rare breed Brahma and silkies
We sell older birds as well as chicks and hatching eggs which are available upon request
Please follow our Facebook page / send us a message to see what we have available:
Our breeding group of silkies is made up of blacks, white and splashed
Our breeding group of Brahma are made up of blue partridge, gold partridge, splash, lemon Pyle, dark, buff and Isabella

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W P Poultry

We have hatching eggs, chicks and pullets subject to availability.
Pure breed chickens raised on pasture and fed quality feed.
Please ring for further information.

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Rowter Poultry

Point of lay Warren pullets at competitive prices.
Fully Vaccinated. Available all year round.
Please ring for a quote.
Other hybrid birds sometimes available.

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PC Ducklings

We have Beautiful Hand-Reared Call Ducklings for sale. There 5 Apricot Females (Ducks) and 4 mixed coloured males (Drakes). They are from 8 weeeks onwards and all fully feathered. They would make lovely pets.

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Sunnyside Poultry

We are a reputable and established supplier of quality Point of Lay Hybrid Hens and pure/rare breed Bantams and Large Fowl. We stock chicken keeping products, hen houses and run Poultry Keeping Courses.

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Heathylee House Farm

Traditional hill farm near Buxton supplying POL hybrid pullets and traditional breed pullets

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

Our bestselling book!
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