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Poultry Breeder / Supplier in Derbyshire ref: 10363

All of our birds are from excellent stock and are true to breed standards. Please contact for more information.

Breeds: USA Silkies, Silkie bantams, Silkie frizzle, Pekin, frizzle, silk and standard, Friesian, Poland, Lakenvelder, Sebrights, Faverolles, Aracana, various colours of Dutch, Modern Game, Marans, Ayam Cermani, Watermael. Ducks: Various colours of Call duck, Shetland, Runner and Mini Crested Ducks Several breeds of Geese

We Supply:

  • Live Hatching Eggs
  • Point of Lay Pullets
  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Bantams

Contact Information:

Creswell near Worksop
Tel: 07549770089

Please Note: Suppliers have not been checked or vetted in any way. It is completely up to you to ensure you are happy with the health, condition and sex of the birds etc.
I cannot intervene in disputes nor provide advice or an opinion on any transaction.

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