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We have 15 poultry suppliers listed in Cornwall

Audrey's Pondlife

I keep a small number of breeding birds and have fertile eggs and ducklings for sale. Please phone to check availability.

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Cornish Poultry

Hatching Eggs Supplied from January to October. Poultry Arks and young pullets available.

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A & A Poultry

Breeders of Rare Poultry Specialising in Polish Bantams all colours & all exhihibtion standard. We sell hatching eggs from March through until September. Orders taken for all breeds, chicks and POL available all Spring and Summer. All Chicks are Vaccinate

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Adam's Rare Breed Ducks & Chucks

Please phone to check stock before calling.

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Cornish Smallholder

From our hobby we have grown this small family run enterprise, specialising in rare breeds, selling hatching eggs, one week to six week old chicks, pullets and point of lay.

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Cornwall Allotments

We are a small farm specialising in selling hybrid laying hens. We have several varieties available for you to choose from and are always happy to give advice and help regarding keeping chickens from our 45 years of experience. Please phone to arrange to come and see the birds and have a chat about what would be most suitable for you. We also sell day old table birds, and off heat table birds, turkeys, and occasionally ducks and geese. Also available oven ready free range chickens and turkeys.

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Trescowe Stables

Happy to supply hatching eggs through to POL and breed cockerels when available. Please contact me via my website or mobile. Thank you.

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Advent Poultry

I supply pekin hatching eggs from my small breeding groups.
Lavender cuckoo
Mixed colour
Milliefluer x Black & Gold Partridge

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The Quail Pen

Quail available for sale all year round. Here at the Quail Pen we have been breeding and raising quail for many years, including Japanese, Chinese and Californian Valley quail.
We take great care to sell quality POL hens or breeding flocks. Our quail are kept in large natural outdoor pens that so resemble their natural habitat that our hens regularly hatch and raise their own chicks.
Even if you are new to keeping quail we can offer all the advice you need. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Redruth Poultry

We are one of the largest breeders in Cornwall of French Black copper Maran Dark egg layers, we have day old to P O L we sell to trade & your self please take a look on out website.
We have several breeds pure & hybrids available all the time throughout the year mostly around 600 birds available at any one time please pot in & see us.

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Holmes Heritage Turkeys

We are dedicated in breeding rare breed turkeys. We keep the best of the best for our own breeding program and whats left is then sold or reared for meat.

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LS Bantams

I breed show quality Pekin bantams in most standard colours and some non standard colours too. My hobby is showing and I therefore have surplus birds for sale as I unfortunately can't keep all that I breed.

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Higher Carpalla Farm

Personal service from knowledgeable and friendly family farm.
Even if it's just advice you require please give us a call.

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Pennywort Mill

Smallholding in SE Cornwall. All stock raised free range. We also breed miniature donkeys and goats (Pygmy and boer crosses)
Happy to help any one out with advice on the breeds above or supply hatching eggs, poults or chicks etc.

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Kernow Quail

We supply free range POL quails, chicks, fertile eggs, eating eggs as well as quail meat all around Cornwall. With the aim of making quail keeping easy and affordable for everyone. Come get in touch with us to ask questions and find us on Facebook at Kernow Quail

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

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