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Alec’s Cornish Poultry

I am a hobby show breeder therefore I sell my excess stock. Please contact for more information.

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Cornish Quails

From our farm in west Cornwall, we are passionate about supplying the highest quality quails, we have years of experience and would be happy to offer any advice if required.

We have Japanese/Coturnix quail available as well as a small range of other quail breeds. We can supply hatching eggs, eating eggs, day old and young chicks through to point of lay as well as surplus males.

Please do get in touch to find out more or to enquire about an order, we can post eggs and offer collection also.

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Tangle Wood Poultry

We are two young brothers that run a growing poultry business. We are nestled in a wood near the coast, as well as having other locations where birds are kept. We enjoy providing excellent customer care and advice on poultry and are happy to help. Please enquire to check stock levels and to negotiate deals, happy to work with you.

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Wadebridge Backyard Chickens

We have a large variety of quality Point of Lay Chickens available, perfect for the back garden market.
Breeds include Light and silver Sussex, blue Maran, Speckled Maran, rhode rock, amber rock, white legbar, millefleur and partridge legbars to name a few.
All our hens are hardy and friendly, perfect choices for free ranging and to keep as pets. All are excellent layers, and egg colours vary from dark brown, brown, light brown, cream, white and blue.
All our birds have been comprehensively vaccinated and wormed and have been housed together allowing you to pick and mix any of our hens to create the perfect flock knowing that they will integrate well when home.
Covid secure collections. Appointments only.
Prices start from £17
Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages (Wadebridge Backyard chickens) for up to date stock lists or send us a message
Website coming soon

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Advent Poultry

I keep a small backyard group of pekins.
I sell their eggs online and from the doorstep.
Please contact for more information.

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BR Poultry

Can supply eating eggs, hatching eggs, various age unsexed chicks, young and adult sexed birds.

Some breeds are seasonal, feel free to email any questions.

Enquiries welcome.

Located just off Cornwall/Devon border.

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SW poultry

We have a select few breeds and limited stock which includes bantam chicks, call ducks of all ages and gender on availability so appointment only. Please email or txt first to arrange appointment

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Pennywort Mill

Smallholding in SE Cornwall. All stock raised free range. We also breed miniature donkeys and goats (Pygmy and boer crosses)
Happy to help any one out with advice on the breeds above or supply hatching eggs, poults or chicks etc.

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LS Bantams

I breed show quality Pekin bantams in most standard colours and some non standard colours too. My hobby is showing and I therefore have surplus birds for sale as I unfortunately can't keep all that I breed.

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Trescowe Stables

Happy to supply hatching eggs through to POL and breed cockerels when available. Please contact me via my website or mobile. Thank you.

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Cornish Poultry

Hatching Eggs Supplied from January to October. Poultry Arks and young pullets available.

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Audrey's Pondlife

I keep a small number of breeding birds and have fertile eggs and ducklings for sale. Please phone to check availability.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

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