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We have 8 poultry suppliers listed in Carmarthenshire

Pet Bantams

These are rare breeds and sometimes I have stock for sale and Hatching eggs.
Please contact me to see if I have anything you would like.
Thank you.

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Bryneithin Egg & Poultry Sales

Dependent on time of year, we supply:

Hatching Eggs
Point of Lay Pullets
Older birds
please call re stock enquiries

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Showline Poultry

Keeping breeds of poultry for eggs and our poultry showing hobby. Throughout the year we have surplus hatching eggs and stock of all ages from day old to point of lay. We are very small breeders and all the stock we part with are from our genuine pure breed showline poultry. All stock/ hatching eggs are sold as pets, garden birds and occasionally some suitable as show breeders.

Collection is possible and as we travel the country to shows we can usually meet up if required.

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Pengwern Farm

Husband and wife small scale hatching and self sufficient lifestyle. As well full time farming beef and sheep.

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Towy Valley Turkeys

We sell quality turkey poults for the traditional Christmas market.

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Elaine Franks Poultry

Hatching eggs for the above.

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Chickens In Wales

We breed hybrids and pure breeds from egg to POL give us a call.

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Fancy Feathers

Welcome to our family hobby. we have been breeding various breeds of bantams for our own pleasure and have rather more than expected to have. We breed for ourselves and often have birds for sale and hatching eggs for sale from all of the birds stated and

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

Our bestselling book!
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