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R&S Smallholding Somerset

White leghorn X Copper Maran, Blue Egglayer £1.50 Each, Olive Egglayer, Cuckoo Maran, Light Sussex £2.00 Each, Exchequer Leghorn, White Silkie (Bantam), Silver Lace Wyandotte, Lavender Araucana , Copper Black Maran, Cuckoo Maran (Pink bloom egg), Silver Campine, Ayam Cemani, Cayuga (Duck), Toulouse X Emben (Geese),
Toulouse (Geese)

All our birds are free range and love naturally foraging and playing in the grass. We hatch our own chicken throughout the year and always make sure fertility rates are good before selling hatching eggs of our breeds. We will not sell eggs if we are not happy with the fertile rate! Each breed is checked each season and throughout!

We are on Facebook and Instagram so you can see what the Smallholding is up too and all our birds & other animals.

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Manor Farm Chickens

Here at Manor Farm, Ilminster, Somerset we hatch chicks and ducklings from our own breeding stock every week. All year round we have hatching eggs, day old chicks through to point of lay pullets for sale.

Visitors are always welcome, and we are more than happy to show individuals/families/children the whole process from our breeding stock through to our hatchery, to the point of lay birds out in the fields. Just give us a call or text and we'll put the kettle on...

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Wellington Meadows Country Produce (Ref 36 )

Hatching Eggs and Livestock. Christmas Oven Ready Birds to Order.

By Appointment Only.

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