Breeders & Suppliers of Ducks for Sale in Worcestershire

We have 6 duck suppliers listed in Worcestershire

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Domestic Fowl Trust

Please phone for current stock.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Domestic Fowl Trust

Gould Life Poultry Smallholding Ltd

Set in 18 Acres of fruit tree orchard in the midlands with lambs and rare breed pigs. Gould life is a family run business of top quality birds.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Gould Life Poultry Smallholding Ltd

UK Chickens

UK Chickens is set in the heart of wyre forest country side. We have over 30 different breeds of chickens available. We supply day old chicks as well as hatching eggs and POL birds.

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Pikes Field Farm

All breeds are on the breed standard, fit and well, we offer a two week money back guarantee.

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Lake House Ducks

Hobby breeder of Indian Runner Ducks. These ducks make wonderful, engaging pets, as well as being prolific egg layers and consumers of garden slugs. I presently have two lovely drakes for sale, one silver, one white and silver. Also some youngsters which will be sexed soon. Please call to see what I have available.

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Croft Waterfowl

We can supply hatching eggs, subject to availability and youngstock is sometimes available.
We are small family breeders of rare breed waterfowl, specialising in Cayuga and Large Silver Appleyards.
It has taken a great deal of time and effort over a number of years to acquire the very best quality brood and exhibition grade ducks from which to breed.
Breeding pairs and trios are with unrelated ducks and drakes.
The ducks are our pride and joy, and we are dedicated to preserving these threatened breeds, by staying true to the adopted breed standards, whilst making them more accessible for anyone to own.
our Large SA are all of exhibition standard, from county achievers and carry some of the best bloodlines nationally.
We can take orders for posting, but equally we welcome anyone more local whom would like to collect in person.
Please contact us in the first instance, accepted orders are on a first come first served basis, subject to availability.
Eggs are securely and well packaged in purpose made poly boxes for protection during transit, and clearly marked as ‘fragile’.
They are dispatched Monday-Thursday only via Royal Mail 1st class service (postage cost is normally £5 to most of Mainland UK, but extra charges may apply to some locations).
Due to rules and regulations, regrettably we are unable to post to countries outside the UK.
Upon receipt of your precious cargo, we advise that you rest the eggs for 24hrs at room temperature before commencement of incubation.
Also if there are any ‘unclean’ eggs, we advise that you clean them with an appropriate hatchery disinfectant in accordance with the manufacturers instructions before commencement of incubation.
Fertile eggs are only intended for incubation purposes and NOT for human consumption.
1) Whilst be believe all our eggs prior to dispatch to be of fertile and sound quality, we cannot control the handling/storage of them once in transit. Therefore their viability upon receipt, and during any subsequent incubation cannot be guaranteed.
2) All eggs will have been handled carefully, stored and
turned correctly prior to dispatch.
3) All eggs will be in perfect condition upon being packed, unfortunately once dispatched we can take no responsibility for damage or breakages. Great care has been taken to ensure their protection in every way possible.
4) We will dispatch the freshest eggs possible (for optimum viability) as quickly as nature will allow.
No eggs will be more than 5 days old upon dispatch.

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Breeders & Suppliers of Ducks for Sale Listed in this Region

Duck and ducklings
Duck Suppliers No Listed
Herefordshire 1
Shropshire 9
Staffordshire 3
Warwickshire 4
West Midlands 6
Worcestershire 6

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