Breeders & Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens for Sale in Northamptonshire

We have 12 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Northamptonshire

Pear Tree Farm Poultry

Please call to check what's available at the time and to make sure someone is here to meet you.

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The Birdhaus

Polish in gold laced + frizzle, chamois + frizzle, silver laced, self cuckoo and self blue.

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Friendly Hens in Ecton

We keep Cochins, Pekins, Orpington Bantams and Large Fowl, Brahma, Cream Legbars &? Aracuna (blue egg layers), Wyandotte, Hybrids, Silkies in various colours. Barnevelder and Red Mottled Leghorn also available. Why not have a mulitcoloured Egg basket with

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Trevor's Chickens

Silver Duckwing Yokohoma chicks and pol.

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We are a small breeder of rare bantam and large Russian Orloffs

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Applewood Bantams

I am a hobby breeder and exhibitor of bantams. I am always happy to give advice to people buying my birds and novices are always welcome. Due to the fact that my poultry is my hobby I will not have all breeds or all hatching eggs available at all times bu

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Bletsoe-Brown Ltd

We have in stock all of the hibrids mentioned at point of lay 18+ weeks. They are vaccinated and all available to view before you buy. All are good egg layers and are suitable for small back garden flocks. We are open Monday to Saturday 8.00a.m. to 5.30p.m. and Sundays 10.00 - 4.00p.m. Please phone before you come to see us to make sure we have the birds you want.

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Poultry Centre

Poultry Centre now sells over 1000 live birds every month of different breeds and hybrids.

Set in the beautiful surroundings of Bell Plantation Garden Centre. Free tea or filter coffee with any purchase. Look forward to seeing you.

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Mini Meadows Farm

We specialise in the hand-rearing of nearly 50 types of rare breed chickens, large fowl, bantams and hybrids, where the health and quality of our poultry is paramount. Our birds are well looked after and we also undergo a rigorous worming and vaccination regime for all our breeding and reared stock, ensuring that you collect birds in perfect health. Along with chickens we sell all the necessities involved in keeping your chickens happy and healthy as well as running chicken keeping courses.

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Mother Hens

I have been keeping chickens as a hobby for a while now and spent a lot of time incubating and hatching eggs. Recently I have decided to start expanding and create a business. Still currently working from home/garden with hopes to expand further in the future.

Hatching eggs available:
- Carlisle Old English Game £1 per egg
- Serama £1.50 per egg

Please call to check stock and to arrange an appointment, thanks.

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Saxon Farm

Saxon Farm is a small holding with a difference, not only do we farm sheep and pigs, but we also raise chickens for our own egg laying flock. We also sell pullets, feed, and hay/straw with delivery available.

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Buffs Poultry

I am just a small breeder based in Northamptonshire, this is a hobby on a small scale.

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