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Bristol and North Somerset Chickens and Eggs

We keep chickens, ducks and quail as a hobby and we can supply Welsummer hatching eggs, day olds pullets, point of lay etc.

We also have Pekins and can supply hathing eggs, day olds chicks, pullets and point of lay.

We also keep a few quail and Khak

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Orchard Poultry

Supplier & Breeder of Ornamental & Rare Breed Poultry, Waterfowl, & Guinea Fowl.

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Blackdown Poultry

We raise our hens to the best possible standards They are all wormed and enjoy a free range environment. We also sell hatching eggs and Day old chicks though to point of lay

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Ham Street Hens

We supply point-of-lay poultry to individuals who are looking to buy healthy hens, ducks and quail for their back garden or smallholding.

We are based in the village of Baltonsborough,
near Glastonbury, Street and Shepton Mallet
in Somerset. Free friendly advice always available.

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Jon King

We supply hatching eggs, Pullets and pure Bred Cockerels. We have 24 different pens of Pure breeds.
We also supply Brown and coloured Hybrid Pol pullets.
We also supply Quail and quail hatching eggs.

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Cox's Birdhouse

Small hobby breeders of quail. At the moment we have mainly Cortunix Italian Quail. Eggs are incubated regularly so please call or email to see what is available and timescales. Feel free to leave a message if we are unavailable to answer, thank you.

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Quail Breeders / Suppliers Listed in this Region

Fawn Quail
Quail Suppliers No Listed
Cornwall 2
Devon 6
Dorset 8
Gloucestershire 3
Somerset 6
Wiltshire 2

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