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We have 2 quail breeders listed in Gwynedd

Clwc Clwc

I sell hatching eggs, day old chicks and Point of Lays.
Breeds depending on availability.

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Foel Farm

We breed small numbers of Call ducks, Indian runner ducks, Pilgrim geese, Guinea fowl, Quail and Lemon millefleur sablepoot bantam hens on our small holding. Please contact for further information on availability and prices.

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Quail Breeders / Suppliers Listed in this Region

Fawn Quail
Quail Suppliers No Listed
Cardiganshire 1
Carmarthenshire 4
Flintshire 1
Glamorgan 7
Gwynedd 2
Monmouthshire 2
Pembrokeshire 1
Powys 3

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