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Elizabeth Poultry

I have a small flock of Brahmas, Pekin Bantams and indian runner ducks.
I have a lovely Lavender Brahma Cockerel, and hens in black, blue, golden partridge colours and hope to add some lavender soon. i hope to have hatching eggs available and also chicks.
My lavender Pekins have fantastic hatching rates and i sometimes have chicks available as well as hatching eggs.
My indian runners are last years drakes and this years (2024) ducks so hatching eggs and young will not be available until probably spring 2025
We will soon have quail eggs available from our chinese painted group and also young in a few months time.

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Caveland Poultry

Breeding birds occasionally available
Turkey, geese, duck, guinea fowl, quail, Aylesburys and Cayuga.

young on and off heat. Availability changing daily.
Hatching eggs also available
Small holding based in South molton.
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