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We have 18 poultry suppliers listed in Wiltshire

Moorfield Farm

Lovely gentle large Cochin Black with lovely green sheen. Contact for more information.

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Fionas Flock

Hi Nankin hatching eggs and young birds occasionally available, single and Rosecomb.

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All Oaks Farm

Our girls and boys are fed an organic diet with lots for them to explore. They are all happy and healthy and very friendly.

Day old chicks can be hatched to order. POL pullets. Fertile hatching eggs available.

Pure breed Cream Legbars. Laying beautiful blue eggs.

Appenzeller X Blue Maran.
Appenzeller X Plymouth Rock.
Appenzeller X Buff Orpington.

Please contact for availability or for any questions.

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Milston Meadows Hens

Brown egg layers £18
Blue/green egg layers £24

Visit my Facebook page for more details - Milston Meadows Hens

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Bratch Farm

Pure bred ducklings from a few days to off heat available. Light to medium egg laying breeds hatched weekly. Sexed by the third week except Harlequins which are sex linked from hatch. Prices according to age and orders taken some breeds will have unrelated males available. These are for experienced owners and breeders . Please email to confirm stock

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Wiltshire Blues Pure Breed Poultry

Pure Breed POL Pullets, chicks and Hatching eggs, all bred to a high standard and all true to breed type on our smallholding in Wiltshire

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Nadder Valley Hens

A selection of POL hens available throughout the year.

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Wiltshire Quackers

A pure bred flock of organically grown ducks. This year I am bringing in some new bloodlines so I have some adults for sale.
They make great pets. They live outside all day but must be closed in at night due to foxes etc. They don't have to have a pond but they do love playing in water - even a childrens paddling pool would do.

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Stokewood Guinea fowl

Guinea fowl keets and adults for sale

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Langdon Layers

POL hybrid hens available. I stock a lovely range of hens from your standard brown hen to the rhode rocks which have a lovely green shine to their feathers as well as the white leghorns giving you a really good selection of hens. The hens also lay a range of egg colours including chestnut coloured eggs, brown eggs, white eggs and blue eggs.

All hens have been vaccinated and wormed. They are great egg laying breeds and will lay from 280-320 eggs in their first laying year.

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Neston Poultry

Subject to availability we can supply day old chicks through to point of lay hens from March to September with new chicks hatching every three weeks.

We specialise in Sablepoot and Pekin Bantams but are happy to supply any of listed breeds.

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Perkys Peckers

2015 hatched POL birds for sale.

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Richard's Poultry

Small game fowl breeder.

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Beasty Birds

Breeders of pretty bantams including Pekin Bantams in most colours! Polish Bantams in most colours! Back garden laying hens, Sebastopol Geese and White Peacocks.

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Coopers Smallholdings

Buff Orpington Ducklings sold in pairs only - as per standard rare breed.

Spring availability only.

Please telephone first or check our website for availability.

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Cheesley Hill Farm Ltd

I have pekin and wyandotte bantams in a variety of colours including chocolate, millifleur, white, black, creole, buff, silver partridge, black mottled, columbian, lemon cuckoo, lavender. If you're interested in a specific colour please do ask.

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Jim Chick

Please ring to check available stock.

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Legbars of Broadway

Carefully reared and well handled stock which is normally bred to order

Please note: Visits to the farm are strictly by appointment only.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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