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We have 15 poultry suppliers listed in West Midlands

Feathers and Things

Please email or ring for further information. I am quite willing to gather more stock if you have any you are wanting to sell or free to good home. Prices are fair and negotiable.

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Sage River

We are in the centre of Birmingham. proving that you can grow your own, almost anywhere. Even if you have a flat, you can keep quails, and have fresh eggs daily.

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Blackhills Bantams

Situated on the West Midland, Shropshire, South Staffordshire border. All bantams bred by an experienced bird and poultry keeper. Please don't hesitate to ring and find out what we have available.

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Please telephone prior to calling to see what we have available.

We have a great range of chickens, ducks and turkeys.

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Brahma Cochin

Brahmas, Cochins breeding or exhibition quality.

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Poultry Garden

We take great pride in our chickens and have an excellent hatch rate with all eggs we supply. Please ring to see what we have available. Day old chicks also available.

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Kizzy's Chicks

I live in an urban environment so understand the constraints of smaller gardens with less space. As a consequence I have chosen to specialise in bantam breeds, which require half the space of large fowl chickens, consume less feed and produce fairly decent sized eggs. I also have day old auto sexing large fowl chicks and growers. To find out what I have available please feel free to call.

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MPS Poultry

These grow into egg-laying chickens. They are of hybrid origin and selectively bred. They lay at about 18 weeks, laying about 1 egg per day and laying up to 300 eggs a year. Eggs are laid daily, normally dawn or dusk. They are a very inquisitive breed of chicken.

They have a caramel/brown shade of feathers, sometimes with white feathers in a pattern round their necks, and white feathers at the tips of their tail feathers. They are very friendly, and are good chickens to keep as pets for children.

All chicks are Single Mareks THV CA + Rispens vaccinated.

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Berkswell Chickens

I breed these on a small scale. They are an excellent beginner's breed and can become very tame.

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Phil's Chicks

I am a small hobby breeder, I have just started breeding bantams, I also buy and sell from other breeders.Please txt or call me to see what I have in stock, at the time.

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Root n Branch Livestock

We breed chickens on our smallholding for the show birds, pets and to supply other smallholders and poultry enthusiasts. Birds all in great condition and at good prices. Fertile eggs, chicks or POL adult birds available.
Please call or email for more info.
Please also see our Root n Branch Acres Facebook page for more details and pics. Full set ups including coop, feed and containers also available.

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Donnas Garden

Limited number of White Silkie Bantam Hens for sale, 3 months old (June 17) Also some Ginger Silkies in a few weeks time. Birds are 15.00 each. Hand reared from eggs, viewing essential.
Please ring or message for info.

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Fertile Egg Co.

We are a DEFRA registered holder supplying hobby and professional hatchers with the finest pure and hybrid hatching eggs.

We also buy hatching eggs from breeders subject to certain conditions, chicks and POL hens and cockerels are also purchased either by way of exchange for birds or on value.

Other breeds are available via breeders we work with. We have a range of Day old - mature birds for sale too.

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My passion is breeding quality Silkies and Polish. I do also hatch other bantam breeds such as Cuckoo Maran, Wellsummer, Light Sussex and
Various Pekin breeds.

All my chicks are hatched and hand reared with loving care and the best of attention, so require loving forever homes. Please feel free to call me to find out what I have available.

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Lisa's Pekin Bantams

I sell pekin bantam chicks and hatching eggs please visit my website for details and prices.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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