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Oaks Chickens

I am based in Surrey, with a small backyard flock. My girls are all different breeds, and I have two roosters (one white Cochin, one crossed Cochin with a Crested Cream Legbar) so their offspring are all a wonderful variety of colors and sizes! I do not keep any siblings (apart from the two roosters) so there is no inbreeding. My flock are allowed to free range when I am nearby, and they are housed in the Eglu Mk2 coop which is regularly cleaned. Photos of the flock and their environment are available. Potential homes must be loving!

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Tim Burr

We've always enjoyed a variety of hens in our garden; collecting blue, brown and cream coloured eggs. Please contact us for availability.

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Mr C W Peck

All very good layers

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Bradley's Poultry

All of our birds are mainly Free Range and wormed regularly and de loused. A good selections of poultry from hatching eggs to point of lay, call for more information.

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Fully vaccinated Point of Lay hens.

These are beautiful birds that will give your family hours of pleasure. They are an ideal choice of chicken if you have not had chickens before.

They are recognised as being a fantastic breed for egg laying - each

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Surrey Poultry

Surrey Poultry is the outcome of turning passion and a lifelong dream into a business and reality.

We have moved to our new site in Ockham which has a beautiful 15 acre paddock and natural pond allowing us to expand as required

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B&M`s Back Yard Chickens

All our birds are p.o.l vaccinated and wormed. Prices from £13 -£30.

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Charlotte's Chickens

Egg laying chickens for the urban garden. We are situtated in Ashford, Middlesex / Surrey - 5 minutes from Junction 1 M3 - Junction 13 M25.

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Horne Hens

Hatching eggs usually & growers sometimes available.

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Park Farm Poultry

The bantams are mainly Free Range and wormed regularly.

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Southmead Poultry

We have a variety of fully vaccinated POL chickens for sale, including accessories and feed. Plus traditional wooden chicken coops, and the plastic easy to clean Eglu Go and Go Up from Omlet - all housing in stock and available to take away. Everything you need in one place. Viewing by appointment, give us a call TODAY!

We Supply:
Point of Lay Pullets – fully vaccinated
Accessories and feed
Chicken coops both wooden and plastic
Chicken Boarding

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

Our bestselling book!
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