Breeders & Suppliers of Live Poultry for Sale in Staffordshire

We have 11 poultry suppliers listed in Staffordshire

Moorlands Poultry Supplies

Pure breed, hybrid and bantam poultry supplied nationwide.

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Chicken/Duck Sanctuary

Battery hens /ducks point of lay pullets.

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Pelsall Poultry

Beautiful Black Rock Hens POL. Brought up on free range, innoculated and wormed .

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Staffordshire Chickens

We are a small family run supplier of poultry and poultry supplies. We are DEFRA registered and all of our birds are supplied fully vaccinated, from point of lay and onwards.

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The Poultry Paddock

Breeder and Supplier of Chickens & Ducks.

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Richard Boden

I have silkies that have won at the National Show and like to breed quality birds.

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The Chickery

Our chickens are a hobby, not a business enterprise. We enjoy watching the young grow and develop and then seeing them move on to new keepers who will care for them as we do.

Phone for availability which will vary considerably across the breeds.

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Chartley Chucks Chickens

Breeder and supplier of hatching eggs, day old chicks, growers, POL hybrids

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Blackhills Bantams

Situated on the West Midland, Shropshire, South Staffordshire border. All bantams bred by an experienced bird and poultry keeper. Please don't hesitate to ring and find out what we have available.

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I mainly sell fertile eggs which can be collected or posted out in poly boxes. Chicks and Point of Lay hens also available at different times of the year. please call or text for further details.

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Model Farm

Hatching eggs for a broody or incubator, from pure bred French Copper Black Marran hens, believed to be fertile by an unrelated cockerel. Lovely dark brown egg layers.
£2 per egg text or call
Happy to post or deliver within 15 miles

I have had good success with them this year. And will have some POL girls around October they will be vaccinated and wormed at £20 each. Call me to book your fabulous birds.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

Our bestselling book!
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