Breeders & Suppliers of Live Poultry for Sale in Northumberland

We have 6 poultry suppliers listed in Northumberland

C & G Farming (N.E.) Ltd.

We sell a variety of hybrid chickens to people who like to keep a couple in their back garden to commercial producers requiring 2000 pullets, no number of pullets to difficult to handle. All Pullets are reared in our own rearing facility to a very high st

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Hawkhill Hens

Small poultry breeder, our poultry are all free range. Many more breeds available and poultry sold from either 10 weeks onwards or from POL. Cockerals and Drakes also available

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Kearsley Farm

FOR SALE...18 week old laying pullets. Fully vaccinated, reared for free range commercial laying. £8 per head. Orders over 50 birds free delivery, under 50 birds £10 delivery. Ready this coming week.

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Adderstone Poultry

We breed top quality poultry with the best food and environment we can give them.

If you have any questions about poultry or hatching eggs please feel free to text or ring.

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Simple Life Living UK

We have a lovely flock of Aylesbury Ducks and regularly sell their delicious eggs.
We, at certain points of the year incubate and hatch ducklings which then go on to new homes.

Please ring to find out what we have available or when the next hatch is due!

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Beldy Poultry Farm

White Silkies available. Please contact for further information.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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