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Jubilee Farm Blackpool

Free range reared.

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Clucky Coop Hens

Please phone to check what stock is available.

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Lancashire Geese

We are one of the largest producers in the UK and have been trading for 50 years.

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Coopers & Hutch

Pure home bred unrelated welsummers. Quality stock.

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Simply Dutch Bantams

I keep and breed a small quantity of quality Dutch bantams as a hobby. Please e-mail for availability.

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Rare Breads

Full details of Poultry Breeder Burconel

The Tom Barron Group

A well established family firm that have supplied commercial hybrid chickens for over a century.
We supply to the trade and direct to members of the public on a collection basis.

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LuckyHens Rescue - Wigan

Ex Battery Hen Re-Homers.

Full details of Poultry Breeder LuckyHens Rescue - Wigan

Laura's Chicks

Laura's Chicks is based on our smallholding in Newburgh, Lancashire. Our main aim is to keep and breed rare, traditional and interesting breeds of poultry and waterfowl. Most of the birds that we keep are on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust watchlist.

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Rymick rhodies

We supply quality rir, from day old chicks to p.o.l. Also fertile hatching eggs.

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Manchester Chickens

Manchester Chickens rescue and re-home Ex-Commercial hens including: Caged, Barn, and also free range hens. We do this purely to offer the hens a second chance in life, which they deserve.

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Young Chicks

Back yard hobby that had spread to the local farm! Each chick is kept in my house and handled daily by my children and I. Eggs are not sold as fertile after 7 days or 5 if posting, they go into cakes or are sold for eating.

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Steve' Birds

Please telephone to check stocks prior to calling.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Steve' Birds

Barton Bantams

Please email for availability.

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Stanley Lodge Farm

Welcome to Stanley Lodge Farm, situated in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, yet Just 25 mins away from Blackpool, Preston & Lancaster. Our aim & ethics here at Stanley Lodge Farm is always quality & NO to mass produced quantity & to always provide you with the very best we can. So if you're looking to fill your incubator with the best fertile eggs you'll ever buy or needing new girls to lay you beautifully colored eggs or just adding fresh new bloodlines to your stock, then our fertile Hatching Chicken Eggs - Chicks - Growers - POL Hens & Breeding Cockerels, await their new home here at Stanley Lodge Farm - Lancashire & remember we are here to help and our advice & knowledge is as always FREE!

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Rhode Island Reds

We sell pure breed only. Can get cross breeds if you require them. Have them at different ages so please call to check stock. THE MORE YOU BUY THE CHEAPER THEY ARE!!!

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Old Hall Rare Breeds

I breed Old English Pheasant Fowl chickens, they are a lovely bird to keep and have nice markings. I have a range of ages and keep both cockerels and hens. They are all free range and live together very well. The cockerels are very protective of the hens.

I also keep and sell emus. I have 1 male bird from 2011 for sale, he is £400 but may take slightly lower offers. I also sell chicks. They breed between November and March, but I don't usually get chicks hatching until February. The chicks are all £100 each and can be sold unrelated as I have 3 adult breeding pairs. They will already be sexed and have individual sex certificates when they are ready for sale, and are ready to be picked up as soon as I have sex results back from the lab.

Taking orders and deposits all year round! Please don't hesitate to get in contact for more information or to place an order. Visits welcome by appointment only.

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Pear Tree Poultry

We are one of the main breeders and rearers of pure breed and hybrid poultry in the North West. A full list of breeds of hens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail, pheasants is available on the website. We are based on our own 2 acre site within a prestigious garden centre in Preston. We run training courses, have incubation hire service, and offer a holiday home service. Visitors are welcome anytime.

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Ducks r Us

Under New Ownership & Management for 2014. Our Company & land is undergoing a whole new revamp with new stock arriving weekly, we currently have Polish/Poland bantam hens & cockerels, both smooth & frizzle feathered in various colours including Pure White, White crested black, White crested blue, Chamois & Gold Laced with more colours arriving in soon.

We will be adding more bantam breeds of poultry throughout the season including Silkie Bantams.
Our Hybrid Poultry are solely for our Fresh Free Range Egg Production, using the Rhodestar (Warren) hens.

We currently have some beautiful Rare & Pure Breed Waterfowl birds, Mandarin's, Northern Carolina's,& Chiloe Wigeon ducks. We also have several rare breed fertile duck Eggs currently in incubation, which are due to hatch in the next few week, including Marbled Teal, Tufted, Fulvous Whistling Ducks, White-faced Whistling Ducks. This will increase our stock & provide us with top quality unrelated birds for excellent breeding stock for the next breeding season.

All enquiries please telephone prior to visiting as land is currently under construction so strictly by appointment only please. Mobile available 24 hrs, or feel free to send us an email.

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Ivy's Hens and Hatchery

We are a small dedicated family run business in Lancashire who are proud to offer the rare breed, Rhode Island White for sale.

We welcome any enquiries and are always happy to help.

Please feel free to phone us for any information.

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Black Hill Farm

White Leghorn chicks from day old to point of lay.

Availability and price is dependant on age and on how far into the rearing cycle at time of enquiry.

Ross Cobb table/meat birds. From day old through to off heat birds.

Availability and price is dependant on age and on how far into the rearing cycle at time of enquiry as we only rear one 'batch' of each birds at any one time.

Muscovy ducks and ducklings available in season.

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Tom Barron Ltd

This bird is the professionals choice. Easy to manage, feed efficient, consistent egg quality, adaptable to any environment and recovers very well from any challenge.

Direct from the breeder.

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Chipper Chickens

I am a regular breeder of Silkie, Poland/Polish and Pekin. Please contact me to see what I have available, as this changes all the time. I have bred chickens now for many years now. All my chickens are healthy, happy, friendly and vaccinated.

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Cheeky Chicks

We are a small scale family run business and supply hatching eggs and chicks. We specialize in funky looking pretty breeds that are a delight to own and watch in your garden. We also have a selection of cross breeds.

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Grahams Pure Breed Poultry

Hatching eggs
Pure Breed chickens
Feeders, drinkers and accessories

Indian blue, white, cameo Peafowl and embden geese occasionally available

Full details of Poultry Breeder Grahams Pure Breed Poultry

St Michael’s Hall Farm

Home bred from prize winning parents. Please contact us for further information.

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Winter Pasture Farm

Free range poultry kept on 5 acres in rural lancashire. Hybrids and rare breed large fowl. Hybrid day olds available all year.
Please email with your enquiry, viewings by appointment only.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Winter Pasture Farm

Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

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