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Wynnes Of Dinmore

Welcome to Wynnes of Dinmore
The Poultry & Smallholder Specialist Outlet
With over 30 years’ experience we can provide EVERYTHING you need to keep poultry including: Livestock, Housing, Equipment, Supplies, Health & Hygiene Products and FREE ADVICE.

Get the right information before you buy (even if you are considering ex layers also known as spent hens)!

Good advice and tips beforehand could save you money.

We are only a phone call (or email) away.

Why not Visit, View and Take home too…..

Fully vaccinated Point of Lay Hens – various breeds from £14 always available.

Giant Golden Quail

Seasonally: Cayuga Ducks, Runner Ducks, Call Ducks, Khaki Campbell Ducks, Cherry Valley Ducks, Ducklings, Bantam Chicks, Point of Lay Bantams; Guinea Fowl, Geese;

Stockists of: Heygates, Allen & Page, W & H Marriage, GLW Feed, Estate Country Feed, Castle Feed, Johnston & Jeff, Copdock Mill

Chick crumb Plain or Medicated; Growers Pellets; Pellets with infeed Flubenvet Wormer;

Organic Layers Pellets; Organic Layers Mash; Organic Growers Pellets; Organic Mixed Corn;

Duck & Goose pellets; Quail Pellets; Ostrich & Rhea Pellets; Royal Variety Mixed Corn; Johnson & Jeff Poultry Tonic Seed; Cleaned Wheat; Cut Maize; Mixed Grit; Oyster Shell. Treats including millet sprays; Mega Peckers etc

Pygmy Goat Coarse Mix; Alpaca & llama mix; Pot bellied pig nuts; Sow Rolls; Horse & Pony nuts; Chaff; Equine Traditional Coarse Mix; Sugar beet; Equi-balancer

Traditional Hay Bales & Straw

Smallholder Licks; Rock Salt

Dog: Dr John Silver; Dr John Gold; Arkwrights Complete; Skinners Field & Trial; Chappie; Wagg; Vitalin Active; Dylan; Butchers

No Mess; Fruit & Nut; Robin & Songbird; Mealworms; Suet Balls; Sunflower seeds; peanuts, kibbled peanuts

Dust extracted Chopped Straw with eucalyptus

Traditional Bales of Straw

Feeders, Drinkers, Bowls, Bins, Troughs, Heat lamps, Bulbs

Hardwood woodchip – Best Quality (Grade A) in bags

Compost – in bags

Stubbs products

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Legge Poultry

We are a small holding who do a variety of large and small birds, chicks and hatching eggs.

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A.M.P Pure Breed Poultry

I sell top quality, pure breed hens and cockerels from fantastic stock.
I sell hatching eggs and hens/cockerels from day old to fully grown chickens.
I am happy to answer answer questions you may have so please feel free to ask!

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Small Organic Farm

Up to 35 beautiful free range organic egg laying hens and 10 large cockerels.

The hens range from 1-4 years old and have lived their lives free to range over organic woodland and pasture.

We welcome offers from 5 birds to the entire flock, younger and older birds may be valued differently.

Please get in touch to discuss prices which will be between £5-10 a bird.

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Dinedor Poultry

I have some year old warrens, they are ex-free rangers. They are only one year old so they have plenty of eggs to come.
Wareens - £6 each
Contact for further information.

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Wynnes of Dinmore Countrystore

We are Pygmy & poultry specialist, we have a country store & Tea room where you can see, feed & purchase pygmy goats, miniature pigs, Alpacas, Poultry and more! Including a gift shop and well-stocked supply section for your pet & livestock needs. The quality-proven housing they provide, is manufactured on site by their own carpenters, who can also create bespoke builds to suit every garden and smallholding. Additionally, in amongst their team are two SQP’s (Suitably Qualified Person) who can supply animal medicinal products and advice.

Wynnes have long been successful public suppliers of poultry and livestock, equipment, housing and feed along with advice (based on 25 years of experience) and have built a worthy reputation from this. They pride themselves on strong customer service and feedback and are always available for help and advice.
Open Tues-Saturday 9-4.30

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C. Grenow

Small number of guinea fowl- male and female at point of lay.

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Badley Wood Buff Orpingtons

Small breeder specialising in quality birds, breeding for looks and productivity.

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Little and Large Poultry

We are hobby chicken breeders based in Herefordshire.

We dedicate much of our time and effort into little and large breeds of poultry.

The two main breeds we specialise in are Pekins and Cochins.

In our opinion, these birds are the feathered feet

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Hansnett Hens & Houses

We are a small family run business specialising in Pekin Bantams & some large fowl breeds.

We can also supply handmade houses, runs & hatching eggs.

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We have over 35 different colours of Pekin Bantams in straight and Frizzle feathered - make lovely pets for children and adults alike. Exhibition Silkies in Large & Bantam from some of the best bloodlines in the Uk including Rare Cuckoo also Quality Banta

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

Our bestselling book!
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