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We have 17 poultry suppliers listed in Essex

Barling Poultry

Barling Poultry is a small family-run Free Range Poultry Smallholding in Essex, keen to promote the keeping of free range hens at the expense of battery farms.

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Bradwell Trout Farm & Vineyard

Day old to Point of Lay - Hens & Cockerels avail.
Ideal for the garden - telephone for enquiries.

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Steve Price Chickens

Please telephone or email to check stocks prior to calling.

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Hens For Homes

I hold regular beginners sessions for new hen keepers, all the family welcomed.

Small and trade orders welcomed all year round.
Please phone/email before visiting.

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Henny Penny

Cockerels free to good homes plus some pullets

Photos on request or you are welcome to call.

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Alison Ebsworth

Yearly supply of Muscovy Ducks. Mothers are chocolate/white Black/white.

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Lamberts Farm Poultry

We are a small scale producer supplying fertile eggs for hatching as well as some live birds. We usually have embden goose eggs from Feb - end June. Peafowl eggs (June/July), turkey eggs or young poults (June/July/August). Hens all year round and fertile.

We also provide a hen keeping course.

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Essex Orpingtons

Over 15 different colours of orpingtons.
Hens or cocks available as eggs, chicks or adults.

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Benningtons Farm

Small holding of different breeds of chickens and some ducks, selling chicks and hatching eggs.

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Our Garden Hens

We are a small backyard keeper of various breeds of poultry.

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Broomfield Poultry

We are a family run farm and we make sure that all our chickens are well looked after and healthy.

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Georgina's Araucanas

I breed and sell a small number of Black and Lavender Araucanas and White Wyandottes in Essex. We show locally and nationally, and parent birds can be seen. I also have a few Manchurian Quail available (Italian quail). Please phone before coming to ensure we are home/have available stock.

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Hop Cottage

Lavender Pekin Bantams x 9 chicks
Millefleur brown black Pekin Bantams x 2 chicks
Millefleur brown and white Pekin Bantam x 1 hen
Brown / Ginger Pekin Bantam x 1 hen

In total we have 13 bantams to sell. They have all been raised by the bantams that we are keeping, who have been fantastic mothers and fathers.

They are completely free-range and have access to a large patch of land with lawn, shrubbery, plants and soil. We are keen to sell our chicks to new families who can offer them a similar environment.

Our family spend a lot of time with our bantams, regularly picking them up and hand feeding them. Bantams are great pets for young families as they enjoy scratching about during the day and are calm natured and enjoy being petted.

It is very important to us (and the chicks) that they can be offered a free range home, and ideally the owners would have young children and/or spend quite a bit of time at home.

Some of the chicks are cockerels and they will need to be sold separately to each other (ideally one cockerel with 2 hens). We live in an urban area and have built a coup which is insulated and largely reduces the sound of the crowing in the mornings - we recommend this to buyers who are in close proximity to their neighbours.

We are based in Brentwood, Essex and welcome you to come and meet our flock before deciding to buy, and we would like to talk with you about their favourite foods and how they are kept happy and healthy.

Please contact us if you would like pictures or if you have any questions.

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Alen’s Eggs

Hatching eggs and young birds when available.
Just a back garden hobby, not so much my business, so please ring first. I always have plenty of eggs.

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Nightingale Community Academy

City farm based within an Academy for boys - we breed and produce rare breed poultry and livestock for show and sale. We pride ourselves im producing top quality stock raised in an experienced well managed facilty.

Please contact us with any questions

Joshua Farrell- Farm Manager

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Yarra Farm

We are a care farm working with people who have learning disabilities. Please contact for information as to availability.

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H.J.Warder Ltd.

Fully vaccinated hybrid Point of Lay Pullets, litter reared on our family run farm in Pleshey, Chelmsford, as we have done for over 70 years. Open 7 days, Layers Meal and straw bales also available.
Point of Lay Pullets £8 each.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

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