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Ham Street Hens Ltd

At Ham Street Hens we stock a large variety of outstanding large hybrids and a select range of related products, from incredible coops to brilliant feeders, specialist tonics and unique items. Our hens are available for regular collection from Somerset, Dorset and Hamphire.

We offer FREE friendly before and after sales advice ideal for beginners.

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Sara’s Quail

Japanese Quail and Italian golden quail, plus quail eggs for eating or hatching . This is just a small hobby of mine all my birds are inside this winter. Quail I find easy to keep, in hutches, cages or runs they don’t take up much space easy to catch and very hardy birds. Plus mine are extremely good layers with correct keeping. They need quail layers pellets and some green food . The eggs are small but very high in protein. Eggs for hatching £5 a dozen. Pol £8 each males £4 each Christchurch Dorset. Best to email or text as may be driving.

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Springhill poultry

Lots of pol point of lay hens available
£35-£45 each

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A & M Poultry

- Hatching Eggs
- Day Old Chicks
- Young Birds

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S&B Poultry

Poultry housing also made to order. Please telephone to check that we have what you require.

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Trish's Chickens

Hobby Breeder offering one-day old chicks to point of lay rare breeds and fertilised eggs. I am a licensed seller of the pure breed black rocks. Happy to give you help and advice as well. I also sell chicken feed.

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Windwhistle House

Hatching Eggs of various colours.

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Dorset Hens

We are situated in the Blackmore Vale area of North Dorset near Stalbridge. We supply Hybrid Hens in five colours all year round and also some Pure Breed and Bantams - plus Hatching eggs. Please telephone prior to your visit to check availability.

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Our passion for keeping chicken has devloped into Chickengear - a family run business specialising in Hybrid POL hens for the back garden keeper. They will give several years of fresh eggs and enjoyment for all the family.

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Dorset Poultry

We rear all our own stock on site and all hens can be seen. We sell fertile egg, days olds through to 16 weeks. All our hens are fully vaccinated and guaranteed in good health. We do not buy in stock to minimise disease risk.

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Izabella da Silva

I am a young Poultry keeper with a range of chickens and sometimes ducks, from all ages - sometimes other breeds too.

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Horton Vale Nursery & Poultry

We are a family run business & have been for over 25 years, specialising in ducks & chickens from day old to point of lay, both rare breeds & many different hybrids all of which are excellent egg layers. We also specialise in Kune Kune piglets.
We are

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Happy Hen

Rhode Island Red are beautiful medium sized birds which are dark red in colour and have yellow featherless legs, they are hardy birds and will happily adapt to almost any healthy surroundings. These highly recommended birds are also excellent layers of la

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Heritage Turkeys

Heritage Turkeys are dedicated to retaining and sustaining traditional varieties of turkey, and offer friendly advice and guidance if asked.

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L J Poultry

Our passion is to give our chickens the best possible life and living conditions. We are DEFRA registered and sell hatching eggs and chicks of all ages.

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Rawston Poultry

Have been breeding chickens and bantams for many years now. Do show my birds to ensure that they are top quality. Hatching eggs can be posted. Any enquiries please ring here to help and always here for advise.

Registered with DEFRA as well

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Corner Green Poultry

We supply hybrid POL hens 18 weeks.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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