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We have 8 poultry suppliers listed in Cardiganshire

Faerdre Fawr Farm

A small number of chickens of various ages depending upon time of year. Please contact us for further details.

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Camddwr Poultry

We supply small and large orders from day old to point of lay. Please contact us for availability and prices.

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TTouch Homestead

Hobby breeder with an interest in rare breed and/or utility birds for the smallholder.
Hatching eggs, young growers etc subject to availability. Happy to hatch to order.

Contact for availability.

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Cardigan Poultry

Please telephone to check stocks prior to calling.

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Avalon Poultry

We keep a small number of poultry breeds, with all our foundation stock having been chosen for health and vigour, and the sexes being unrelated. We never incubate or rear artificially - all our youngsters are raised by Mum (even our Khaki Campbells!), an

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Camddwr Poultry

We are DEFRA registered.

We also provide oven ready produce and have recently been given a Grade 5 with the Food Standards Agency.

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Pencwarre Poultry

Pencwarre Poultry is very lucky to have its own SQP animal health advisor.
Our focus is helping you to have happy chickens and ducks and friendly after-care advice.
Please do not hesitate to call/visit our website to see current availability and available breeds. Animal Health is our priority.

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Country Lane Nurseries

Country Lane is situated on our mixed stock farm and plant nursery. We sell hatching eggs, young stock and point of lay hens. Please phone for up to date availability as stock changes on a daily basis. If we haven't listed what you are looking for it's wo

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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