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We have 7 poultry suppliers listed in Buckinghamshire

The Clucking Palace

Selling day old chicks (unsexed) through to point of lay pullets. Fertile hatching eggs also available.

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Fulbrook Feathers

Fulbrook Feathers is a family run hatchery in rural Buckinghamshire specialising in a variety of ducks, chickens, geese and quail.
We are an ethically focused hatchery, where every single chick, gosling and duckling you purchase will have been hatched here on site. In order to fulfil the demand for point of lay hens, and following extensive research we are now able to offer a number of prolific egg laying hens from a well-established, reputable source where all the birds are kept to the highest standards. Every one of our birds is of great importance to us, and we ensure we give high levels of care to every single one of them making sure they are happy, strong and healthy ready for their new homes. We take pride in the after-care services we offer, and are always available to answer any questions and give advice.

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Brill Chickens

From fertile eggs to Hybrids and cockerels give me a ring or drop me an email to discuss what you are looking for and check what stock I have available.

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Horton Hatchery

Here at the Horton Hatchery we sell hatching eggs, point of lay pullets and everything in between.
We sell chickens, ducks, geese and quail.

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Beechwood's Chickens High Wycombe

All our hens come from Meadowsweet Ooultry and are fully vaccinated and bred to RSPCA freedom foods standards. They are healthy point of lay pullets approx. 18 weeks old.

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Judes Guineas

Book now to save disappointment - 6 weeks old, off heat and out on grass, sold unsexed, £10 Each.

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Chiltern Ridge

From spring until autumn is a good time to buy. Advise given.

Please contact us to check stocks availability.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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