Chickens and Football

Gabe Cleaning the CoopGabriel loves playing outdoors with all his toys in this good weather, and the chickens enjoy joining in to!

Yesterday as I was sat looking out the window I saw Bolshy flapping around one of Gabe’s balls, then she started rolling and kicking it around – obviously really enjoying herself (or hoping treats would fall out from it!).

I kept trying to get a photo as it was such a lovely sight, but unfortunately with the speed she was moving I have a lot of blurred shots.

I love watching the chicken’s personalities shine though, and when I see them playing and dust bathing it always makes me sad for caged birds.

Caged Hens

Although the rules and regulations for space for caged hens for eggs has improved, the “enriched” cages still fall drastically short of the standards we should be expecting live stock to be kept in.

In the US Walmart has said they will phase out all eggs for caged hens, however they have yet to make this promise for their UK brand ASDA. If, like me, you’d like to tell ASDA it is time to go cage free (the same for the other supermarkets too) please pop over to Compassion in World Farming and sign the ongoing petition.

Only through consumer awareness and action will we bring about change in the industry – CIWF ASDA Campaign

Cleaning out Chickens

Fresh StrawGabriel loves to help and we always let him join in with family chores – including cleaning out the chicken coop. So today we had Captain America (who has a side job as a Minion) cleaning out the ladies’ and Bob’s home!

As well as cleaning them out Gabe also collects their eggs each day, tops up their drinker and feeder, and can quite often be found bribing them with treats so he gets a cuddle.

Although he isn’t quite three yet I really do feel that getting him involved in this way is beneficial. It teaches him the responsibility of keeping animals for both food and as pets (as this flock are very much pets not livestock for us) as well as keeping him involved in the daily cleaning running of the house.

I dread the day when he no longer thinks helping to do the washing up, vacuuming and cleaning tasks are a fun game!!!


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