Battles Rooster Booster - 125g

Rooster Booster is a supplement for both roosters and chickens, to give them a daily health boost

Battles Rooster Booster - 125g

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A supplement for both roosters and chickens, Rooster Booster will give them a daily health boost. It can be added to their food to benefit them all year round, but is particularly good when birds are moulting and during the cold, winter months.

This product contains lots of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements, with a probiotic, for maintaining health and vitality. Perfect to keep your poultry healthy and happy.

Ingredients: Cooked Maize meal, Wheatfeed, Inactivated yeast, Corn gluten meal, Probiotic powder (2%), Amino Acids, Vitamins and minerals. Contains permitted preservative BHT (E321).

Directions for use: Mix one level 2.5ml scoop (approximately 1.5g) for each bird in with the daily feed. Adjust accordingly when preparing more than one day's feed. Store in a cool dry place.

Supplied in 125g tub

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