PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch

PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch - Fun for the Whole Flock! Entertain your hens on a whole new level and use all the vertical height in your chicken run with the Omlet PoleTree Chicken Perch.

PoleTree - Customisable Chicken Perch

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If you’ve been looking for new chicken perch ideas or thinking of building a DIY chicken perch, look no further!

Works in Any Chicken Enclosure Over 1.7m High

The PoleTree is a quick and easy to build chicken perch that fits in any chicken enclosure, including Omlet’s full height Walk in Chicken Run.

Simply adjust the height of the pole to fit, and then fix securely to the roof of your run with the supplied bracket.

Once you’ve attached the pole to your run you can add as many perches as you like. The brackets are easy to adjust, so you can move the perches up and down and around to create a fun PoleTree for your hens to explore.

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