Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds

Discover the easy clean, comfortable and stylish Omlet Bolster Dog Bed. The quick to remove, machine washable cover simply zips on and off, so you can keep your dogs bed clean and fresh.

Memory Foam Bolster Dog Beds

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Under the upholstery grade fabric, a high performance memory foam dog mattress is the best you can give your pet; it moulds around your dog and gives unparalleled support for a deep, dreamy sleep. The cushioned bolster shape is deep filled and designed to support your pet’s head, just like a pillow, offering ultimate comfort and relaxation.

New and exclusive to Omlet, you can now raise the Bolster Bed up with simple to attach, designer feet to match your other home furnishings. The smart, geometric weave fabric is available in fifteen stylish colours to suit any style, and you can further accessorise the bed with a luxurious, Super Soft Blanket for extra warmth and comfort in winter, or the gel filled Cooling Mat to keep your pet cool in summer. Watch the video now to see why dogs love the Omlet Bolster Beds!

The Omlet Bolster Bed’s mattress has been engineered to give dogs the bed they deserve, improving their sleep, health and energy levels. The premium memory foam layer on the mattress lets your dog’s body sink slowly into the bed, and as their muscles relax, it moulds around them, providing a luxurious sleep haven. After a long day of play, your dog will fall into a soundless sleep, supported by the comfort of this deep, quality mattress.

The high performance memory foam is designed to withstand your dog’s natural behaviour: jumping, rolling, playing and sleeping, for many years to come. This means when your dog wakes up and hops out of bed, the memory foam will fills out again, and your dog can enjoy the relaxing sinking feeling everytime they settle down on their bed.

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