Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg

Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg

Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg

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Omlet's complete organic feed not only looks and tastes delicious, it also provides your hens with everything they need to stay in tip top condition. Unlike standard feed, these organic layers pellets has just the right amount of protein for garden hens allowing them to lay more consistently over a longer period of time.

Added to this are over 20 natural vitamins and minerals to maintain your chickens immune system, add lustre to feathers and strengthen bones. Carefully balanced levels of carbohydrate and fibre give your hens energy and keep their digestive system working properly.

Finally, anyone familiar with the old adage of what goes in must come out? Only the finest ingredients make the finest eggs so organic maize ensures delicious deep yellow yolks and limestone and manganese will mean that the shells are strong enough to keep all the goodness in.

Your chickens will love it!

If your chickens currently eat organic layers pellets but you want to give this new feed a go you should introduce it into their diet gradually. Simply feed them a mixture of the two foods for a few days, reducing the ratio of pellets to new feed each day, so that you don't confuse the poor dears.

Organic Omlet Chicken Feed contains the following:

Organic Wheat - Gives your hens plenty of energy 
Organic Non GM Soya - A great source of protein 
Vitamins A and E - Ensure a healthy immune system 
Vitamins B and D - Strong bones, feathers and muscles 
Folic acid, Iron and Zinc - To maintain eggcellent health 
Organic Maize - For great yolk colour 
Vitamin A, B and E - For consistent egg production 
Vitamin D - Improves shell quality 
Limestone - Essential for strong shells 
Manganese - Maintains even shell thickness.

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