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We have 9 quail breeders listed in Kent

Hen House Poultry

Hybrid layers available all year round and the rest are available in season. We also supply hatching eggs, housing and accessories.

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Chookies Farm

Chookies Farm started when I rescued 5 cockerels from the pot! Since then my hobby has grown and grown. I rescue all animals, but mainly poultry as well as breeding and selling my own poultry to pay the costs.

I only do this because I love it. I also h

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Kaideleco Poultry

Our birds are kept as pets and we breed on a small scale allowing us to spend plenty of time with them and therefore they have fabulous temperaments and great characters. We specialise in breeds that are known for their gentle natures and for their excell

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Quail in Swale

I am primarily a breeder of quail and bantams but I occasionally have stock of ducks and large fowl. I can give advice on keeping poultry and also advise on local suppliers of housing and feed.

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Happy Keeper

Hobby breeder and supplier of day old to 3 week old birds.
Mature / egg laying / table ready birds
Live hatching eggs

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Julie Parker

Hatching eggs and young birds available if ordered.

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Hens on Oxney

Friendly supplier of quality hybrid hens (including coloured egg layers), Cream Legbars, Copper Marans and Swedish Flower Hens. Day old chicks in season. We are happy to give advice and show people around with no obligation to buy.

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K for Quail

The Japanese quail are calm and friendly by nature. Good egg layers. Quail eggs are very nutritious. They don't take up much room and are easy to keep. Sold in trios. Fertile eggs also available to incubate.

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Feathered Friends

My Wife and I have a passion for breeding, raising and looking after birds/poultry also rehoming and rehabilitation, all birds are kept to being as natural as nature intended but are also tame while living a happy organic lifestyle.

Please telephone or text prior to check stocks, Appointments only.

Cayuga Ducks/Ducklings ready to go
Buff Orpington Chicks/Chickens ready to go
Japanese Coturnix Quail/Chicks ready to go
Jumbo Italian Quails ready to go
Mallard Ducklings ready to go

Live hatching eggs

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Fawn Quail
Quail Suppliers No Listed
Bedfordshire 2
Berkshire 1
Buckinghamshire 1
Hampshire 3
Kent 9
Surrey 3
Sussex 5

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