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Dalchosie Farm

Lovely strong free-range Blackrock Hens for sale.
I have really strong tame Blackrock Hens that I get as day old vacinated chicks from Eddie Lovett at the only Blackrock hatchery. This is the ideal bird for estates, hill farms and are the best choice of hens for our Scottish weather.
The birds have good feathers, are free ranging from an early age and are real characters already. They vary from all black to black with a glow of gold around the head and neck. Blackrock hens lay well, they lay big brown eggs for years.
These will grow into strong free ranging birds that are going to need space with clean grazing and would be very unsuited to a hatch and small run.

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ScotHen Poultry

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Diana Horsfall

Free Range point of lay hens available.

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Golden Wyandottes

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