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Manor Poultry

I have traveled around the country to find some of the best quality stock birds for my breeding birds. All my birds have been hand raised, and the breeding stock left to roam on grass. I’m very proud about how my birds are kept and raised. I offer nationwide delivery and collection

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Hannah’s Hatchery

I am a breeder of beautiful booted and bearded bantam chickens. A selection of colours, breeds and ages are available. All my chickens are home breed and raised in the best conditions.

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Hens and Pens

We are a small family run business supplying poultry/aviary panels and a number of breeds of chicken/bantams
In the Hertfordshire area.

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Black Grove Farm

All point of lay, all vaccinated, all chosen for the high egg productivity and beauty. Come and choose your own chicken from our farm near Ware.

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AK Poultry Herts

We supply a lovely selection of hybrids. All birds are vaccinated and home reared. We can supply day old Chicks, growers and point of lay chickens.

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Thornes Garden Nursery

Thorne’s is a well-known & trusted family business with a wealth of experience in poultry management. We offer a varied selection of hybrid pullets, fully vaccinated and reared to Freedom Food Standards. We pride ourselves on keeping all our poultry to the highest standard of cleanliness and will freely give our continued support to those wishing to keep hens at home. We offer free, expert advice on any chicken-related query.

We stock everything you need to look after your flock, or get started with hen keeping. We have a large variety of breeds available year round and all our birds are on display, either in their secure runs or free-ranging around our site.

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Ivy Cottage Hens & Honey

These gorgeous birds come to us as vaccinated, day old, sexed chicks. They are home reared on quality feed. All of these birds are excellent laying hens who look beautiful and are sociable hens.

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Handpecked Poultry & Supplies

We supply POL pullets both hybrid and pure breeds. If you can't see the breed you are looking for then please contact as we do hatch to order most breeds. Visit our website for more information.

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Harry's Poultry

Hatching eggs to adult birds nearly all year round. I also hatch to order.

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Golden Wyandottes

Backgarden Chickens & Other Poultry

Backgarden Chickens Poultry Book

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