Breeders & Suppliers of Point of Lay Hens for Sale in Durham

We have 11 Point of Lay hen suppliers listed in Durham

Durham Hens

We supply quality point of lay pullets to customers in the North East of England. We always have a range of hybrids available and occasionally have pure breeds too. They are kept free-range in an organic woodland environment and all are fully vaccinated.

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Dipton Hens

We sell a wide range of hatching eggs and day old chicks to pol chickens.

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Denebridge Poultry

We are always looking for rare breeds to add to our collection.

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Hamsterley Hens

We are a small concern who enjoy breeding free range hens. We endevour to breed true to type and our hybrid hens are selected for their egg laying qualities. Happy, healthy hens that lay quality eggs.

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We offer fertile hatching eggs that can be collected or posted and day old chicks to POL. We usually have surplus cockerels that are always looking for good homes. Quality birds fed on quality food. Please telephone or email me to discuss your requirement

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Causey Poultry

I have BANTAMS ONLY of all ages.

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J & D Dawson

Pure bred poultry and waterfowl, free range reared, from exhibition quality stock. Contact for more information. Birds and eggs available subject to availability.

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North East Poultry ltd

North East Poultry specialists in breading quality health poultry, including Chickens, Ducks, Ornamental Ducks, Geese, Quail, Pheasants, and Guinea fowl. Our service offers Hatching eggs, growers, incubation, POL chickens and friendly advice.

We are located on the A68, in County Durham

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CER Poultry

Supplier of exhibition quality birds from hatching eggs through to POL.

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Terry Bowes

Day old to adult (no hatching eggs) available. Phone for more information.

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Beech Tree Hatchery

I specialise in pure strains of rare breeds, in particular cuckoo marans and bresse de gauloise. Please contact for further information

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