Suppliers of Live Fertilised Poultry Hatching Eggs for Sale in Berkshire

We have 5 hatching egg suppliers listed in Berkshire

Wellington Meadows Country Produce

Hatching Eggs and Livestock. Christmas Oven Ready Birds to Order.

By Appointment Only.

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Widgit's Birds

At Widgits Farm, we breed various traditional, pure breed Large Fowl and Bantam chickens from Day olds to Point of Lay age which are all reared in large outdoor grass pens. Hatching eggs are available for postage or collection from our farm. We supply a l

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Mother Hen's Poultry

Mother Hen's Poultry is based just outside of Reading on the Berkshire/South Oxon border. We breed Chickens (large and bantam size), Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowl and Peafowl. We also have a selection (11 different types) of fully vaccinated point of lay.

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Bennet's Birds

Visits by appointments only.

Poultry for the garden, good quality healthy birds.

Please see my website for more information.

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Bere Court Farm

We are a small family business specialising in rare breed Buff Orpington chickens, based in Reading, Berkshire.

What started off as a hobby with a couple of chickens in our back garden and a cockerel singing to us each morning, has developed into what some may call a chicken palace with four house coops and over 100 residents.

They're everywhere, and so are their eggs... which is exactly why we have decided to sell them.

We'd like to encourage others to follow our paths, and enjoy the adventure that is raising your own chickens and finding freshly laid eggs at your fingertips each day.

We sell fertile hatching eggs and day old chicks, bred from a happy home!

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Live Fertilised Poultry Hatching Eggs Suppliers Listed in this Region

Hatched Chicks and Egg Shells
Live Egg Suppliers No Listed
Bedfordshire 2
Berkshire 5
Buckinghamshire 1
Hampshire 13
Isle of Wight 1
Kent 22
Oxfordshire 1
Surrey 12
Sussex 13

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