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We are a family run poultry farm.

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Simply Modern Game

If you are looking for good quality Black Red, Wheaten, Duckwing or Pile Modern Game Bantams please get in touch with me
I have Young Stock available from August and Hatching Eggs available from April.

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Impeckable Poultry

We sell from hatching eggs to point of lay.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Impeckable Poultry

Yorkshire Bantams

We are quality breeders who are based in Yorkshire. All birds are bred to the breed standards. We show our birds so any birds for sale will be very good stock.

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Thomas Hobson

All our stock is bred from high quality poultry and matches all standards. Please call prior to visiting.

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Four Seasons Poultry

I love hatching eggs, therefore I always have lots of stock for sale. These are quality pure breeds. If I haven't got what you are looking for I will be able to source it for you.

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Mary and Mick

We are a small family business who have kept chickens just for eggs for quite some time. Over time friend and then friends of friends have asked if we have any for sale. The chickens have become so popular that have we decided to breed them!

They are r

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Brackenholme Hall

POL birds available, all wormed, vaccinated and health checked. Free range and fed chemical-free products. Table birds are also available.

We are now open every Saturday morning (no appointment needed) between 9.30am and 1pm - check website for additional opening days/hours. Please visit our website which is updated weekly BEFORE visiting to avoid disappointment if there is a specific hen that you are interested in, not all pure breeds are available.

We are also stockists of Garvo Feed, BLISS Bedding and Agrivite range. See website for further details.

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We breed chickens and ducks and provide an Incubators for Schools programme. Prior appointment only.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Eggsperience

Clayfields Poultry

Hatching eggs and chicks available. Please ring for availability.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Clayfields Poultry

A&R Pet Poultry

We are a small scale breeders, concentrating mainly on Bantams. Our main stock are our Pekins, we have numerous different variations of Pekin, including Lavender, Lemon Cuckoo, Frizzle and Millefleur. We hatch all our chicks ourselves, and have all ages a

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Whetstone Farm

Smallholding in Leeds specialising in rare breed chickens and British Giant Rabbits

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Our passion is our business and our passion is Shetlands! We breed Shetland hens, Shetland ducks and Shetland geese. Shetland hens come in a range of colours and lay green/blue eggs. Shetland ducks are medium in size, black/brown in colour with white bibs and are probably the rarest of all native ducks. Shetland geese are incredibly rare but beautiful birds. They are auto sexing and pair for life. We also breed silver sebrights (true bantams)- little birds with big personalities!

Full details of Poultry Breeder GREEN TREE FARM SHETLANDS

A and T's Hen House

We always have a variety of hybrids for sale all year round, also we have pure breeds seasonally so ring for availability.

Full details of Poultry Breeder A and T's Hen House

Acorn Poultry

We have bred and supplied poultry for some years and use only top lines of unrelated stock. All poultry leaves here guarenteed to be healthy, our advice is free, so even beginners will heve great back-up in Poultry Keeping. We will advise you on the birds you need to meet your requirements, ie 'Egg Laying Machine' or friendly little 'Garden Bird'. For the Pro, or for the kids,,, not all birds suit all. Feeds, and Garden Runs available too. We have many happy customers who return time again over the years.

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Holme Poultry

I am a hobby breeder that’s gone mad!
I sell fertile hatching eggs
Poultry from day old to POL (when available)

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Givendale Polish Chickens

Show quality, Pure bred, Polish Chickens and Fertile Hatching Eggs.

Our chickens are all young, from show quality breeding lines and are consistently producing high quality polish chicks.

Our chickens are very well looked after and loved, and all have lovely temperaments making them great pets. They live very happy, healthy lifestyles either free range or in a very large run, they are always kept up to date with worming and ectoparasite control and they receive lots of human contact and treats!

We believe it is incredibly important to breed from chickens that are healthy, enriched and ultimately happy in order to achieve maximum fertility and offspring you can be proud of.

We currently have fertile hatching eggs available as mixture of the following colours which will also be a mixture of fizzle and smooth- these eggs have proved exceptional fertility rates and have produced fantastic chicks! Self Blue, Gold laced, Silver-laced, White crested Black, White Splash, Chamois.

We will have pullets available soon, please get in touch if you would like to have some reserved.

Please feel free to get in touch if we can help in anyway.

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Lakeville Poultry

Breeder of Serama, Bantam Cuckoo Maran, Pekins Frizzel and Smooth, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Lakeville hybrid blue egg layers, home bred bantams, Andalusian, Leghorns, Cream Legbar Guinea Fowl, Quail, Call ducks. Hatching eggs, chicks upto hens in full lay, breeding cockerels. Please phone/text to arrange a day to visit thanks.

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Don Valley Broody Lot

Hobby breeder. Show quality rare breeds.

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I breed large fowl and bantam silkies bearded and non bearded. All my birds are top quality healthy happy birds. I have been breeding silkies for a number of years now and have become quite Knowledgeable about the breed so can answer most questions you may have when starting out with these birds. Colours I have are: paint, black, white, cuckoo and blue. I do sometimes have other colours also. I have hatching eggs to day old chicks right through to point of lay. Cockerills also available.

Full details of Poultry Breeder HD SILKIES

Camphill Poultry

At Camphill we are a college for students with learning disabilities. We are a charitable trust and all proceeds from our sales go towards funding our farm.

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Cluckingham Palace

Welcome, pleased to anounce CLUCKINGHAM PALACE is back, and relocated in Doncaster.
At Cluckingham Palace we breed miniature bearded miniature silkies which are small, easy to clean, keep and have lots of individual character. Silkies have black skin and all have the full 5 toes. The colours we have are white, brown, partridge, gold and black.

PLEASE NOTE SILKIES CAN'T BE SEXED UNTIL 13 WEEKS OLD and have to be under heat or a broody hen for the 1st 10 weeks.

11 WEEK OLD= £15
HENS at point of lay= £45

at present we have the following:
Chicks unsexed = £8
Sexed hens =£25

Please message me for more details on preloved.
(Cluckingham palace does not have any sister companies but duplicates of the name maybe found elsewhere.)

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Happy Hatchers

We are specialists in pure and rare breed poultry as well as offering incubator and hen hire services

Full details of Poultry Breeder Happy Hatchers

Mount Bank Farm Poultry

Availability varies through the year. So please contact us to see what we have in available.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Mount Bank Farm Poultry

Yorkshire Poultry, Pigeons & Aviary Birds

We Supply:
Day old chicks
Hens & Cockerels (various breeds)
Budgies, finches, canaries, and various aviary birds.
Modenas, fantails, Birmingham rollers, racers and various pigeon breeds.

Full details of Poultry Breeder Yorkshire Poultry, Pigeons & Aviary Birds

Lords Moor Poultry

All of the our poultry are extremely fit and healthy
They all make great pets
We do sometimes have cockerels available


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Little Peckers

We are a small family business and our main focus is breeding and supplying large fowl pure breeds. We often have a variety of different breeds to choose from, so please contact us first, to see if we can meet your requirements.

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