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Spring Time Sunshine

Thanks to the Spring sun we have finally got the chicken run and new lawn finished!

Unfortunately the Spring weather also started the inevitable battles between the two cockerels remaining from last years hatch and the confinement to the run escalated the problem. This meant that the Faverolle boy was dispatched, with hubby learning the broom method from me as an 8 month bump gets in the way somewhat.

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RIP Bee :-(

Have a had sad week as my lovely drake Bee had to put to sleep. Over the winter he went gradually downhill, but with no apparent cause. Always a lazy one for bathing he became more and more reluctant which led to the inevitable wet feather even with being forcibly dunked and made to bathe in fresh water on a daily basis.

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Snow, snow, snow & Frozen Pipes

The snow has come and the garden is frozen over!

Our hosepipe has frozen solid, so lesson learnt to make sure it is drained before reeling it up to stop this happening as filling duck ponds by the bucket load is not a fun task! Thankfully chickens and ducks are on the whole very hardy animals. A day or so without a pond doesn’t make too much difference to the muckers, as long as the have a bucket they can dunk their heads in to enable them to preen and fresh drinking water they are happy.

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UK Non-Compliance with EU Battery Cage Ban

As many chicken keepers and enthusiasts will know this year marks the implementation of the ban throughout the EU on barren battery cages. In 1999 the EU agreed a Directive on Laying Hens (1999/74/EC) that resulted in the banning of the most inhumane of these systems, the barren battery cage. The EU allowed producers a 12 year phase-out period, bringing the ban into effect on 1 January 2012. There has been a lot of press over recent years about the appalling conditions in which hens are kept for egg production are and recently a lot of commentary on how many EU states and their farmers are failing to comply with the ban.

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