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Rain & Poorly Bee

The rain has been lashing down here and although the veg needed it the rest of the garden was quickly turned into mud around the ponds by the ducks 🙄

All the chickens and ducks do seem happier now the weather has broken and they have cooled down a little. All except Bee that is, as he is been a bit under the weather the past week. To begin with he developed an eye infection which I managed to get cleared up with a saline eye wash as the vet suspected he was just being mucky and not dunking his head in fresh water (even though the pools and buckets get changed each day!). After perking up from the eye infection he now has a bit of a mystery illness as he is fluffed up and, the best way to describe it, a little depressed!

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Sunday Travels

On Sunday I had a lovely day meeting up with old friends and making new ones as well.

One of the reasons for the trip was to re-home my little broody Eve who had hatched the ducklings to Joyfull from the forums. Joy has a lovely area for them to free range and little Eve will be able to hatch more babies there which she can’t do here as I am running out of space. Little Treacle my Speckled Sussex girl has also been lucky enough to get a new home there and is now called Etta James and is loving having a cockerel again as she always was a little flirt!

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